Designing Worksheets for Second Grade

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Second Grade students usually are in age six to eight which still belongs in the foundation years.  This is the best time to develop character, behaviour and important habit which are essential for the child when he grows up.  Study habit is one of the important habits needed to be developed in children.  This will really help them when they proceed to the higher grades which require more effective study habits.

Educators use worksheets as an aide for students to develop study habit skills and habits.  But how does worksheets are being developed? Take a look at this:


In this stage, one has to identify the purpose of the worksheet.  It is very important that authors of worksheets have clear view of the reasons why they are designing worksheets.  Are there particular messages they want to convey? Or wishes for pupils to record information that needed to be interpreted later.  Information sheet may be different from activity sheets.

It is important for authors to list what they think pupils have achieved after completing the worksheet. 

Identify target users of worksheets

The design of worksheet is greatly influenced by age, ability, and motivation of pupils.  For 2nd grade students, it is very important that worksheets must designed as enjoyable as ever.  Kids tend to get bored when answering worksheets, however, if worksheets are made as innovative ones, children may enjoy completing them.

Sources of information available

Textbooks are good source for making worksheets.  There are also lots of information in the internet.  There are academic sites that are free to access and contains lots of information for all grade levels.  Some sites have fees but the information you can get truly rich. Libraries with lots of books are great sources of information too in designing worksheets. 

Preparing for the worksheet

Visual and layout quality of worksheets matter.  For second grade students, worksheets should be as inviting and fun.  Colors, drawings, and how the activity is conveyed matters. Text should be easy to read and understand.  Since kids are the target audience, it is very important that spelling and grammar are correct and not confusing.  Instructions should be written in simple manner and should be easy to understand. Worksheets should be printed clearly. Styles of font may vary so that it will create a fun layout.  Bold type is useful in highlighting words and phrase. 

The tasks in the worksheets should start from easy to ones so that kids will be motivated for success.  Make the tasks as enjoyable as possible.  There should be colouring, pasting, and cutting activities that makes activity engaging and enjoyable. Before this will be given to pupils, or even before these will be published, the worksheets should be given to certain group for trial so that authors can identify the effectiveness and appropriateness of worksheets to pupil’s level.

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