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By defining a retained user using specific metrics like subscription, feature usage, engagement, or activity, you can make sure that your customers are a good fit for your company and constitute an actual demand for what you do.
Good old SitePoint have been providing tech tutorials since forever, and this another solid effort from them on building HTML emails.
Use CSS code and conditional statements specific to each email client, and leverage a rendering tool or test accounts to view emails in common device-OS-browser-client combinations.
Keep important messages visible above the fold (about 150 pixels high for mobile and 350 pixels high for desktop).
Little do people know that Google Analytics could also be used to track email campaigns.
This article doesn't provide an extended example of building an email (as most of the other articles in this section do), but it does provide an excellent and indispensable overview of how HTML emails work, why they work that way, and what the best practices are.

How Temp Mail Address Works
How to test DKIM signature
Temp mail inbox
What are the temporary email addresses?
Does my domain already have an SPF record? What is it? Is it valid?
What is a temp mail or fake email address?
Test DKIM by uploading email content


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