Children's Coloring in Testing the Psychological State of a Child

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Young children don't tell everything. First, they often do not understand what is happening and how to describe the discomfort. Secondly, no matter how difficult it may be for them, they do not know what is the norm in human society and what they can protest against. After all, children often simply do not have enough vocabulary to explain what is wrong.

Therefore, children experience most of the difficulties in silence, and complexes settle inside that will come back to haunt in adulthood. Many psychologists use drawings and coloring books to test a child's condition. Parents should also take children's coloring books for periodic preventive diagnostics.

What kind of coloring pages do you need for a child to open up?

Very young children can paint an elephant green or Paw Patrol pictures. The eyes of children 2–3 years old do not banally distinguish all the colors of the rainbow, so there is no need to panic because of the unusual color scheme. But already at the age of 3 years, a certain logic can be seen and psychological conclusions can be drawn.

To include imagination and subconsciousness, you need to use pictures in which many elements can be painted in any color.

A striking example:

A circus with an abundance of small details and different characters.

What colors should alert:

An abundance of black indicates a depressive state;

  • Brown - the need for support;
  • Purple - vulnerability;
  • Green combined with brown - soreness, a desire to hide.
  • A cheerful and active child makes the most of yellow, red, blue colors.

In order to maximize the diagnostic effect, offer a wide palette of pencil colors - at least 12 colors, or even more. If this is not done, the child may use crayons of "disturbing" colors, because he will not find more suitable shades.

If in the first drawing you notice any internal problem, it is worth suggesting the plot coloring to understand in which area the problems arise. Offer to color in pictures of family, daycare, or other situations. Pay attention to those figures that are painted inadequately, which, perhaps, have a handwritten face. Ask who it is. So the coloring will become a bridge for communication about the problem.

Is it possible to use coloring books for children to improve the psychological state of a child?

Even adults often use coloring books to stabilize their psychological state. There are even special coloring mandalas, which are designed to work out psychological problems.

Children also throw out emotions when coloring and get the effect of art therapy. You can download Christmas coloring pages free online and get a wonderful effect because fine motor skills are closely related to intellectual and mental development.

In order for the child to get the maximum effect, it is advisable to use Paw Patrol coloring pages with paints or pencils. It is easier to correct any blot in such a picture, and the feeling that everything can be corrected is very important for the psychotherapeutic effect. Therefore, for a child who has depression, it is worth giving Christmas coloring pages books or books on the sheets of which the child will draw with pencils.

Even if the business is progressing with varying success, the picture is far from ideal, be sure to praise the child. This will help him to relax and you will get the desired effect in both diagnosis and therapy.

Where to get coloring books?

While you can get a variety of coloring products at your regular store. Also, you can find online stores that will pleasantly amaze you with a huge assortment, among which you can find interesting pictures of different subjects like Paw Patrol, invisible, ordinary, water coloring, and all that you can download for free.

Get interesting templates and give yourself and your child a pleasant pastime and psychological balance.

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