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You have to make sure your comparing the highest Quality Replica compared to the original retail version.

you're comparing a AAA,AAA+,perfect, pair to Retail original pair. From telling how that fake pair looks. And it's disgusting the quality.It's not even super perfect quality which is the quality Grade right before the "UA" which is considered the highest quality.

You have these quality grades and I'll try and have price estimates based on how they are marketed. From low to high.

1. AA/AAA+ example: "AAA Jordan retro 5" Pairs usually are dirt cheap and have HEAVY FLAWS. Price range (20-40$)

2. "Perfect" example: "Perfect Jordan 11"

which are little improved quality versions of AAA+ shoes with still has some flaws not as near as many. Price range ( 50-80$)

3. "Super perfect"

example: "Super perfect Jordan 1"

Like it's predecessor the perfects these are upgraded and updated versions of whatever shoe.

That is made to look somewhat authentic but to a real sneaker head not a chance they should be able to tell by loose stitching, excessive glue marks, missing little details/design not on point, color not the right shade and etc. these usually sell for about 100$-150 and look somewhat real to a person who is ignorant on sneakers and how they should look.

Then you have "UA" basically these are top quality and have little to no flaws (at least the ones I get) (150$ minimum and up depending on shoe)
these can leave a actual sneaker head discombobulated looking for every little thing to point out they might find it and it might take them awhile.

At least it happened to me when I presented my pairs of Royal Blue Air Jordan 1 "UA" and "retail" pair to friends who all work at a foot action at a mall near me and it's 3 of them that work at that store. Walked in on them on their shift with a "UA" and retail pair of the royal blue 1s bought from flight club. And let them do what they do best lol.

At the time they were selling for 320$ on flight club and now their 650$. Long story short they couldn't differentiate the UA from the retail took them awhile. Mainly because the UA didn't have a receipt.

But it looked nearly the same to them. And even the co manager took a look and took him a minute to figure it out because he likes the Air Jordan 1 shoe line up so he knew exactly how each pair should look.

Basically that's my two cents. Rant ? done

the tailwind had air technology 3 years before the air force 1 was released, sad to see the blog prefaced with "this is the truth" and the first fact be false.
Gogoleate este ...good call, magic had a bit more size and was athletic as hell. Spot on about Zion. Lol, how you take a Zion over TD, and some other greats.
I am just offering my support :) hoping someone who really wants the shoes gets them , keep you blogs up keep it up bro Thanks :) always ready to support (y)?
What if you have big feet. You should understand the struggle of shoe shopping if you have big feet and if you're tall. I wear s11-12 and the struggle is real.
People treating these like they black cements. They?re the same as the Blue ones that came out like 5 years ago and those never had crazy resell prices either
The story behind these is waaaayy better than the "shattered backboard" theme. But since i love black-orange colorways on sneakers, i def take the Shattereds.

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