Fishbowl Survey Disclosing that WFH Negatively Impacts Romantic Relationship

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Fishbowl is a social networking app for professionals in which they primarily ask questions of, connect with, and give advice to one another. It is a publication that is focused mainly on workplace trends and employee perspectives on important issues. Fishbowl is running weekly surveys online to gauge the impact working from home is having on professionals’ private and work lives. And fishbowl discovered that work from home negatively impacts the consultants’ romantic relationships. 

Work From Home (WHF):

Due to the coronavirus pandemic fall 2020, many companies are encouraged to work from home. The work from home has been made possible by the development of communication technology. Working from home does not mean bringing home the work that the employee cannot rise to the workplace, but rather by the management of a certain frequency. Working from home has positive and negative impacts on workers’ lives.

The fishbowl survey about this stated that work from home decreases team performance, create obstacles for progress, and adversely affect the business life. Adding to this, work from home also affects negatively on the consultants’ romantic relationships.

About the Survey:

After conducting countless surveys on different issues, now the Fishbowl platform decided to focus on WFH’s impact on professionals’ romantic relationships. To perform this survey, the Fishbowl platform asked professionals one question and that is “How has worked from home affected your romantic relationship?” professionals can answer choosing one of the five options. This survey was answered by over 16,847 verified professionals on the Fishbowl app from across the US. The five options that were given are as follows:

A)Led to breakup or divorce

  1.   Strained, but still together
  2.   Positive impact
  3.   No impact
  4.   Not in a relationship


The respondents of  Fishbowl survey included employees at the most fortune companies such as IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, McKinsey, Deloitte, Bank of America, Amazon, Edelman, Nike, Google, KPMG, and thousands of others. 

This survey ran from June 12 through June 14, 2020. 

Results of the survey:

In General:

Overall, a total of 22.95 % of professionals said that working from home has harmed their romantic relationships. Out of this, 16.28 % of people said WFH strained their relationship. 6.67 % of professionals said WFH led to a breakup or divorce. 25.29% of people were not in a relationship. 23.08% said that WFH has nothing to do with their personal life. A total of 28.68 % of professionals surveyed said WFH during the pandemic has had a positive impact on their relationship.

By Industry:

The survey performed by Fishbowl concluded that the results varied considerably when broken down by industry. The Tech Industry had the highest percentage of employees breaking up or divorcing due to staying at home, with 12.56%. Following tech industry were Finance professionals with 9.35% and Management Consultants (9.3%).

WFH Negatively Impacts Consultants’ Relationships:

Almost 9.30 of responding consultants have broken up or gotten divorced due to working from home difficulties.  More generally, work from home is negatively impacting 23.74% of Consultants’ romantic relationships. These are, no doubt, insanely high rates.


Covid-19 pandemic has left no possibility for professionals other than work from home. Work from home affected professionals’ lives in a positive or negative way. And, a large percentage of 23.08% professionals said that they are not affected by WFH.

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