How to Repair and Recover Corrupt PDF Files

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Find out what makes DataNumen PDF Repair your ideal tool when trying to repair and recover faulty PDF files.

When you want to share your documents with other users and do not want them to edit, the best way to do so is to convert them into PDF filesLinks to an external site.. PDF files are smaller and therefore easy to share through emails. You can also share PDF files through smartphones for easy access.

But what happens when your PDF documents get corrupted and you do not have the original files or a backup copy? The best option is to use PDF recovery applications such as the DataNumen PDF Repair. Here is a sneak peek of what this application can do.

The key features of DataNumen PDF Repair

1.     Supports all Windows operating systems

The DataNumen PDF Repair software can run on any Windows operating system ranging from Windows 95 to Windows Server 2019. This feature allows you to recover PDF files from any Windows computer and you do not need a special version of the application for every operating system. The advantage here is that data recovery experts can serve multiple consumers without incurring additional costs. They won't need to buy multiple recovery software for PDF files on each operating system.

2.     Recovery of PDF files from damaged storage media

It is common for people to store files in storage media such as external hard disks, USB drives, and CDROMs. Unfortunately, these devices can be damaged due to accidents, mishandling by users, or virus attacks. The good news is that DataNumen PDF Repair allows you to recover PDF files from damaged storage media, including floppy disks and Zip disks. Therefore, if you have files stored in these old devices, this application can help you retrieve them.

3.     Recovery of document objects

The DataNumen PDF Repair is designed to recover various elements of your PDF documents such as text data, images, and pages. Your recovered data will come out organized and easy to browse through.  This is a big win, especially if you are dealing with large files.  Without this feature, you would spend a lot of time and energy to organize your data into an intelligible document.

4.     Optimized to increase user productivity

If you are working in a busy data recovery shop, you need tools that increase your efficiency. Luckily, the DataNumen PDF RepairLinks to an external site. comes with features that increase your productivity. For instance, its ability to process multiple files at a go comes in handy when working with large projects. If you do not know the exact location of the target file, the software comes with a search feature that allows you to browse through your drives. Other features that come with this PDF file repair and recovery tool include simple design, drag & drop, and right-clicking shortcut menu.


Although PDF files allow you to share noneditable documents, they can get corrupted. When this happens, you need a data recovery software such as DataNumen PDF Repair, that allows you to recover your damaged files. This application stands out in that it supports all Windows operating systems, recovery of PDF files from damaged storage media, and is also optimized to increase user productivity. This tool comes in a simple design that is easy to use.

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