How to Repair and Recover Corrupt Zip Files

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Find out what makes DataNumen Zip Repair a reliable tool for restoring your faulty zip files and how to use it to prevent costly data loss.

If you are struggling with space to archive your data, using file compressing software such as WinZip can save you a lot of storage space. Zipped files come with lots of benefits such as ease of sharing, password encryption, and saving storage space. However, when these files get corrupted, you can lose valuable data. When this happens, you need reliable software such as DataNumen Zip Repair to repair your files and recover your data.

What makes DataNumen Zip Repair special?

1.      Support the repair of different Zip files

When you want to share a large volume of data, you can opt to split or span the zip file and save it on different disks. This way, you can have different people accessing distinct sections of the files at the same time. Also, this allows you to encrypt sensitive sections of your data while allowing users to access public files. However, these files can get corrupted. The good news is that DataNumen Zip Repair software allows you to recover split, spanned, self-extracting, and encrypted Zip files.

2.      Recovery of large Zip files

While there are several Zip file repair applications in the market, most of them cannot handle files that are larger than 2GB. The DataNumen Zip Repair tool has the capacity to handle files that are larger than 4GB. With its high recovery rate of 84.98%, this software is optimized to recover most of your Zipped file items and reduce the chances of data loss.

3.      Seamless compatibility with Windows Explorer

The DataNumen Zip Repair is designed to integrate seamlessly with any Windows operating system. This means that the application supports shortcuts associated with Windows Explorer, such as right-clicking, drag-and-drop, and performing file search. These features ensure that users increase their productivity, especially if they are working on large projects. Moreover, the application’s batch processing feature allows you to select multiple files for repair and recovery at a go.

4.      Easy to use

One reason this Zip repair and recovery tool stands out among other solutions available in the market is that users do not require special training to use it. If you have basic computer skills, you can use this tool effortlessly, just like an experienced IT expert. This is because its interface is simple and intuitively labeled to enhance navigation throughout the file recovery process.

The progress bar on the application makes it easy for you to monitor the file repair and recovery process. This way, you can estimate how long the process will take and enable you to perform other tasks with ease.

5.      Recovers Zip files from corrupted storage media

Storage devices such as USB drives, external hard disks, CDROMs, and floppy drives come in handy when you want to back up your data. However, these devices can get damaged and consequently corrupt any data stored in them. For instance, exposing floppy drives and hard disks to electromagnetic radiation can render them unreadable.

Physical damage resulting from accidental or willfully dropping the storage media can make it inaccessible. Moreover, wear and tear resulting from many days of usage can corrupt your device. When this happens, it is easy to lose your Zip files stored in it. The DataNumen Zip Repair tool helps you recover your files from such devices and helps you avert possible data loss.

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