The Best University Courses to Get A Job in Australia

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In this highly competitive world, it is a must to have a classy or quality job to survive. Education or degree is still one of the most common and important parameters of having a job. In most of the cases, even now, the first requirement for a job is to have a degree related to the respected field.

If this is the common scenario, then obviously it is very necessary to find courses to be done to survive in an advanced country like Australia. And this is what we are going to guide you about in this article.

Why is Australia a better place to live and work?

As per the statistics by the United Nations, the second-best country, as well as the second happiest country in the whole world, is Australia. The life index of the country is of excellent quality. Australia is on the top for having excellent access to education, high life expectancy, and socioeconomic well-being.

The country has high values in income, employment, housing, community, environment, health, education, citizen participation, work-personal balance, life satisfaction, and safety. Its active economy has been strengthened even more throughout the last decades. The Australian standard of education is recognized all over the world for its excellent quality. There are a lot more reasons that make Australia a suitable country for living and working.

Why is it important to choose the university course wisely?

Having a degree is not in itself a signal of the quality status. The institution, course, and extracurricular activities are counted nowadays. As the necessity and acceptance of university are getting higher day by day, students are often pushed to the universities even if they really don’t want to. It causes many students to end up in courses that are not suited to them.

Measures of selection remain in near connection with social status. As large employers are no longer interested in recruiting any school leavers and then train them up to make them suitable for work. Rather, they hire university graduates and expect them to have all the required skills.

Thus, it is very necessary to give it a nice thought before enrolling in any course in the university and find courses that are really suitable for you. This is because the course or degree will decide what type of job you will get to do and if you get to do a job that you really like.

University courses that will help you to get the best jobs in Australia

According to the socioeconomic structure of the country, just like any other country, even in Australia, some university courses or degrees are valued much than the others. There are certain courses that will make you much more employable. We will have a short discussion about those courses today.


As always in style, there is always a high demand for accounting services at both the corporate and personal financial levels. Both fundamental accountancy and qualified accounting are currently in great demand. To grab the best opportunity in job positions like management accountant and tax accountant, you require at least a bachelor degree in Accounting. The MPA (masters of professional accounting) is always there to give you extra perks.

Business and Management

A business graduate, especially an MBA holder, has been appreciated by any business organization in any country. As per the best of our knowledge, a position named ‘management consultant’ has been featured on the list of MTLSS.

Medical (specialists)

The age demography of the medical workforce shows that a large number of doctors will be retiring by 2025 in Australia. That means there is a great scope for medical students. The MTLSS list includes the positions for emergency medicine, general practitioner, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, pediatricians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and many more.

THM (tourism and hospitality management)

Australia is known for its majestic, scenic natural beauty. The extraordinary landscapes, the gorgeous beaches and the laid-back cities of this land of dreams attract tourists from all around the world. This creates a great scope for a THM graduate.

ICT (information and communication technology) and computer science

Graduates in computer science and engineering and IT professionals are desired a lot in Australia, just like any other country. One can expect higher compensation packages if he eventually winds up in the Cable & Media, Telecommunications, Hospitality, or Banking field.


Most of the engineering degrees are highly appreciated in Australia as the demand. Thus the scope to work in these fields never ends. To make your task easier, you can use Course Finder of CatEight to know about the right information about the courses and apply for different courses and institutions.

Final Words

Of course, there is much more to higher education than just a piece of paper earned at the end. But to keep pace with the competitive world and to survive well, there is no alternative of wisely choosing a university course to fit into a classy and quality job. We hope this article helped you to find courses to live and work with classes in Australia.

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