Everything about Balenciaga sneakers and where to buy

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The key factors that contribute to the final price tag of a sneaker include manufacturing process, location and brand. Balenciaga has been known as a luxury brand, therefore, this sneaker is super expensive.

Why are Balenciaga sneakers expensive?

In order to make an expensive luxury sneaker like Balenciaga Triple S, manufacturers need to use cold cementing leather uppers onto rubber sole units. With cheap sneakers, they have low quality EVAs and use cheaper materials in the process. During the manufacturing process, a Balenciaga sneaker manufacturer uses expensive high grade leathers such as pebble leather which doesn’t crack as much over time. The leather is also thicker to ensure that the shoe retains its shape and still looks good after being used for a while. Some manufacturers can also use tumbled leather to achieve a balance between quality and affordability.


The process of making a Balenciaga sneaker includes stitching, turning and cementing. The brand also has its production of the Triple S in China, but it doesn’t really reduce the cost that much. Marketing and brand are also important keys. Balenciaga has been known as a luxury brand with high-quality sneakers. Therefore, the prices of its products are much higher than the ones from a premium brand.

As Balenciaga sneakers are expensive, you want to keep them for long. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your sneakers and be passionate about them. For example, you need to protect them from light, clean them regularly and waterproof them. Besides, never leave your sneakers dirty when you take them off.

The most popular Balenciaga sneakers

Like everywhere, Vietnam also has some popularity of Balenciaga sneakers that called in Vietnamese (Giày Balenciaga) are made replica quality because most people can afford. Let’s take a look the most popular models of this brand.

Balenciaga Triple S


Triple S are unique sneakers that have been around since 2017. All the Triple S models are iconic and have a great combination of colours. More importantly, they are made for comfort and style.

The Balenciaga Triple S is an elegantly absurd piece of design that quickly becomes an icon. It was created in collaboration between DemnaGvasalia and David Tourniaire-Beauciel. It is named Triple S (or Triple Sole) because the shoe has three of them. Not only does this model have a unique look, but also a special name.

Balenciaga Triple S was the catalyst for a luxury sneaker market to be huge like it is right now. It is still now a dream shoe of many people.

Balenciaga Speed Trainers


Many sneaker fans fall in love with the Balenciaga Speed Trainer because of its simple design. But that is not enough, these sneakers also have a modern design with clean-cut and sleek upper.


Most fans consider Speed Trainers to be the most stylish design from Balenciaga. Not to mention, the lightweight functionality makes you feel comfortable wearing it. And the memory foam in the sole provides superior cushioning and it adapts well to any shape of the feet. The Speed Trainers also come with comfortable interiors, including the shock-absorbing midsole.

More importantly, the knit high-top sock hugs the feet well without limiting movements. Thanks to the Balenciaga Speed Trainer with its neat and classy look, we can confidently say that there is beauty in simplicity. Besides, the Balenciaga Speed Trainer is insanely comfortable and relaxing for the feet.

Balenciaga Track 3.0


Track 3.0 is the newest renovation from Balenciaga that was released in 2019 with the hope to replace the popularity of Triple S. If you first look at this sneaker, you might be confused because it’s design is quite similar to the Triple S. However, Track sneaker has an excellent mixture of materials that gives a hyper-stylized side to the shoe. Once you wear them, they give an imposing aesthetic to your outfit immediately.

This model is extremely light so of course they’re very comfortable. In fact, if you want to experience the best level of comfort, Track 3.0 can satisfy you. One thing about the shoes from Balenciaga is that they have Italian sizing, so you might want to take a size down from what you usually wear in others.

How do you know if the sneakers have good quality?

In the market, there are plenty of Balenciaga sneakers. However, not all of them have good quality. Below are some tips for you:

Flexibility: If the sneakers are made of leathers or suede, they have good points. But the easiest way to know if they have good material is to check the level of flexibility they offer.

Smell: You can try to smell the inside of a shoe. If it smells like glue, it was made on the cheap materials. If it smells like good quality leather, it will have good quality.

Weight: You can weigh them and if they are light, that means they used more expensive soles. Therefore, they will have better quality.

Appearance: A good quality Balenciaga sneaker needs to look like it has a lot of manufacturing hours put in.

Where to buy good quality Balenciaga sneakers?


As mentioned earlier, authentic sneakers from Balenciaga are costly. So if you want to own them, you need to spend quite a lot of money. However, don’t worry if you are on a tight budget, because you can always opt for replica 1:1. In Vietnam there is a trustworthy sneaker shop calledShopgiayreplica provides Balenciaga sneakers with nearly-perfect quality and materials. They look exactly the same as authentic sneakers but the price is 10 times cheaper. Visit shopgiayreplica.com to see its available products!

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