48h in Tijuana (care for your teeth)

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One of the cities that has undergone a radical transformation in recent years is undoubtedly the city of Tijuana, also known as "the most visited border in the world"; this has put it in the sights of travellers, especially Americans, making it a tourist destination to be discovered.

In its streets converge renovated spaces that house renowned restaurants, cultural spaces and small dyes of its history that will leave you in the wake. Moreover, Tijuana has become an ideal place to obtain dental treatments at a very good price and with the maximum guarantees. If you want to take advantage of your visit to your Tijuana dentist and do some tourism, here are some recommendations that you can't miss to get the best of this city in 48 hours.

Day 1


10:00 am

Visit your dentist at Dental Solutions Tijuana

Plan your trip so that your dentist in Tijuana is the first stop, so that you only have to enjoy the city the rest of the time you have for your little holiday.


The dentists in this city are highly qualified and very accustomed to receiving visits from patients from outside Mexico. Everyone knows that a visit to the dentist is not a good meal, but for that reason it is best to leave it for the beginning of your trip. Besides, depending on the treatment you have to undergo, you can adapt the visit to the city. And best of all, think of how much you will save for an excellent treatment. For that reason alone, it is worth giving priority to this visit.


1:00 pm


Walk on Revolution Avenue

A few minutes from your first stop, either by car or even walking, you can reach downtown Tijuana, where you will have to walk along Avenida Revolución to see its emblematic buildings, which are part of the history of the city. There you can admire the "zebra donkeys" and find passages full of local art. Now your holiday really begins.




Visit the birthplace of the Caesar salad

Touring the "Revu", as it is known by the city's residents, will surely whet your appetite, so another must-see stop is at the famous Caesar's restaurant, which is located on this street. Local legends say that this is where the salad of the same name was born, so don't hesitate to order it, observe its preparation and even take part in its preparation.


6:00 pm


Thirsty? Drink artisanal beer

Thirsty? To quench your thirst, how about enjoying a handcrafted beer in the tap room of the Norte Brewing Co. It is located on the fifth floor, between Fourth Street and Revolución, and is a space that has an excellent panoramic view of the city. Here you can enjoy a great sunset accompanied by a quality drink. Recommendation: Try their IPA Penthouse.


8:00 pm


Mezcal shot at Cine Tonalá

The night is approaching and this is synonymous with fun in a city that has one of the best parties in Mexico; but before that, you should not miss the opportunity to have a few drinks and enjoy a dinner at the Tonalá Cinema, which, in addition to film screenings, has on its first floor "Casa Espín", a place dedicated to mezcal and its reinterpretations. On the terrace you will find a gastronomic proposal very much in the style of the city.


10:00 pm


Sara Corner Party

The party starts, and one of the most recent openings in the city is Esquivel, a lounge bar located at the top of "Esquina Sara", a building that was renovated and now houses this concept, as well as a coworking and coffee shop on the first floor. If the party goes on and the hunger returns, don't worry, in Esquivel you'll find a taqueria inside the bar; it's "Mucha Muchacha", where you'll see that some of the best tacos in Mexico are sold in Tijuana.


Day 2


10:00 am


Breakfast at Dantes Gastromed

To start the day with energy, the first stop has to be at Dantes Gastromed. Recommendation: ask for the house chilaquiles, the French bread accompanied by a coffee, or a lemonade with lavender.


12:00 pm


Late at the Cecut

The time has come to get to know the culture of the city, and what better place to start than at the Tijuana Cultural Centre, a circular building in the Rio area. Here you can choose between watching IMAX screenings, theatre plays, art exhibitions, visiting an aquarium and getting to know its Film Library. With a bit of luck you will be able to appreciate some of the great festivals that take place in its esplanade, many of them, with the presence of recognized artists.


2:00 pm


Shopping at Mercado Hidalgo

A few steps away from the previous location we find a place full of colours, flavours and textures, where products from various parts of the country come together in one place: the Hidalgo Market. Surely you will not leave empty-handed.


4:00 pm


Lose yourself in the cultural passages

It is time to return to downtown Tijuana to enter the cultural passages where urban art and murals come to life. The Pasaje Rodríguez, the Revolution and the Gomez are just a few of these places where you can enjoy art and visit shops with local brands, taste artisan beers, cafes and find some places to eat.


Recommendation: Try the "Té Malvía", a drink of the same name that you will find in a small café emerging from the Pasaje Gómez, which is the result of a mixture of roses, lavender, cardamom and cinnamon, with a milk base of your choice.


6:00 pm


Sunset in Playas de Tijuana

A few kilometres from the city is Playas de Tijuana, where you can get closer to nature by enjoying a view of the Pacific Ocean walking along the sand of the beach, until you reach the limit of the border wall that borders the city of San Diego, which can be seen from the Mexican side through the wall. Tijuana's beaches become the right place to say goodbye to the last rays of the sun.


8:00 pm


Try the flavours of La Baja

The day is almost over, but not the activity. So before leaving the city, we recommend you take a break for lunch.


After /Horizonte is a place that takes you, literally, the taste of La Baja. Here you will find a gastronomic proposal that goes from some seafood tacos to dishes with Mexican roots, without leaving behind its exotic cocktails


Recommendations: Order the taco mala costra, the pambazo de atún, the toast Crossfit, the Mixiote de dato accompanied by a Mezcal Esquite or a Chapulín Colorado. Don't forget the dessert with a terrarium.


At the end of these activities you will have spent 48 hours getting to know the essence of one of the most important border cities in the world. And your dental health and your pocket will be grateful. Warning: you will return home in love with its food, its culture and the warmth of its people. Guaranteed.

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