Ideas for a different girls' night out

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Mimosas used to be the bomb, strawberry mojitos used to cure everything, and gintonics, to be fair, is a combo that is still quite refreshing, and definitely still an acceptable accessory to any girls' night out. But throwing away a couple of cubatas in the same three bars you always frequent can be a little, well, stale. And while there's no doubt that your amazing team of friends can make almost any place look like a party worth going on a gossip show, it's probably time to change things up once your bartender has memorized the entire group's drink order.


So what does a girl have to do when she wants to reinvent girls' nights? The answer: a lot of things! Do you have a friend who is into tarot? Gather your strength and go to a psychic reading. Do you feel like using your hands? Sign up for one of those painting classes. Or if you think it's time to worry about your health, how about putting on your favourite shorts and sweating in a pole-dancing class?


If you and your friends are in a rut and want to 'spice up your lives', look no further than the following alternative ideas for a girls' night out. 

1. Treat yourself to a fancy restaurant.

What better way to practice your self-esteem than with a bottle of wine and chips on the table? Obviously I don't recommend making reservations for expensive dinners so often that your budget is affected, but planning a fancy seasonal meal is a super fun way to get together and celebrate everything that goes on in your group's day-to-day life.

2. Movie night à la carte.

Each one of you will propose a film to download in Gran Torrent and you will all meet in a house to make a movie marathon like when you were teenagers. Abandon your diet for one night and allow yourself all sorts of sweets, chocolates, popcorn, chips, hooks... You can round it off with pyjamas and sleeping bags, although the fun is that it must be compulsory to watch the films each of you has chosen. Luckily in Grantorrent there is a wide variety. You can even do the theme night and see who chooses the scariest film, or the baddest, or the one with the most beautiful protagonist...

3. Have your own night at the museum.

Many museums now offer an "after-hours" programme, with DJs, drinks and open access to selected exhibitions. I think it was Socrates who said: "Learning is best done with a cocktail in hand".

4. Go to a customised cocktail bar.

Your favourite bar can wait. Opt for the kind of luxurious atmosphere where it looks like Colonel Mustard could murder you with a candlestick at any moment. Besides, nothing makes me feel more like a grown-up lady than telling the bartender to "surprise me".

5. Have a psychic tell you your future.

Grab a few friends for emotional support ('cause honey, you'll absolutely need to dissect the experience later) and book a reading to get a glimpse of what the future has in store for you. There are many types of magic and witchcraft to choose from, you may even have a friend who is a witch. If you are not convinced by your future, you can always ask for a second opinion...

6. See if you can complete an escape-room.

Yes, you may have already done this as a team-building exercise with your office, but with themes like "the zombie" and "the submarine", your Saturday night can now include bonding over dismantling a fake bomb and escaping the clutches of a monster with your lifelong friends.

7. Bowling!

You know what's still fun? Bowling. Especially the glow in the dark of bowling. I admit that I don't know how the anti-covid measures have influenced this game, but going to a bowling alley always has a vintage touch and some cute guys next door... who you won't listen to because it's your girls' night out for a reason.

8. Look for a winery in the area.

Yes, this idea requires you to reschedule your girls' "night" each day, but what are Saturday afternoons for if not for drinking wine? Organise a group tasting to make your regular activity (drinking wine, obviously) a more sophisticated, and I dare say educational, affair.

9. Play tourist in your home town.

Plan an evening to do the kind of things you would only do if your cousin Laura was in town. Go eat that famous dish! Go walk on that famous bridge! Put your steps up to see all the sights! In other words, become a tourist in your own city.

10. Sing it in karaoke.

Because what's more fun than singing your favorite Whitney song? Singing Whitney with all your closest friends... Well, maybe Whitney is a little over your head. How about Nena Daconte?


11. Have a laugh on a comedy show.

Before there were comedy podcasts, there was the comedy club. You can also look for a place where amateur monologue performers, whether they are good or very bad, laughter is guaranteed. Talent can be a success or a failure, but that is only part of the fun.

12. Take a pole dance class.

Channel your inner J.Lo into Hustlers and take a pole dance class with your best friends. It can be very liberating to empower yourself through the extremely timeless art of shaking your ass.

13. Go to one of those elegant cinemas with comfortable seats.

There's something so divine about leaning back in those comfortable chairs and watching a movie on the big screen. Many of these cinemas now offer gourmet menus for a complete dining experience. Have a tini while watching the latest project by Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt? Sign me up.

14. Spend a night at the opera.

If you live in a large metropolitan area, this one's for you. A great Russian ballet production can also work, but the important thing is to have an excuse for you and your friends to wear your best clothes without being invited to a wedding.

15. Let your inner roller girl out.

Dreaming, dreaming, I succeeded in skating... If you and your friends also want to succeed, put on your skates and get dressed for the occasion. Don't forget your protections, so that girls' night out doesn't have to go to the hospital... 

16. Watch a meteor shower.

Look at a calendar of astronomical events for 2020, and take note of the ones you want to witness. You and your friends can meet on someone's terrace (or in a courtyard too, depending on where you live), mix a few groups of friends and watch the show.

17. Go to the opening of a gallery.

This is what happens with gallery openings, not only is it a chance to see beautiful objects (and often beautiful people too), but there is also free wine, so...

18. Take a look at a symphony orchestra.

Nothing makes me feel more like a classy adult woman than watching a group of incredibly talented humans in tails and black suits playing Chopin. If this is not an option where you live, look at places that have live jazz as an alternative.

19. Give it your all with a dance party from the 80s and 90s.

Nostalgic dance parties have been a huge success. What other night can include leg warmers and sassy fringes? Check out the local clubs and event venues to see the next time they host a theme night.

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