Online shopping: pros and cons

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The Internet has penetrated all spheres of a modern person's life: it provides information, simplifies communication and makes it possible to buy various goods without leaving home. The latter has been especially useful during the months of confinement due to the coronavirus, and many people who were reluctant to buy over the Internet have been able to see the advantages offered by this great online shopping center (in spanish: centro comercial online).

Today you can buy anything on the Internet, from ordinary products for everyday use to rare and exclusive things. The trade of new products from various brands and official online stores, as well as used products from distributors or individuals, is very widespread.


All over the world, the popularity of online shopping is growing every year. And this also applies to ordering products abroad and shopping in local online stores. In the latter, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, interior items, appliances, gifts are purchased more frequently. There are really many advantages in online trading. As always, the important thing is to find reliable online stores and read the payment and return policy beforehand, so as not to have any surprises. The best online store (la mejor tienda online) will be the one that not only offers the best prices, but also the best after-sales service and good customer service. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of buying online.

The advantages

Save time

First of all, online shopping saves you time. You may have a grocery store near your home, but often you need to cross town, or even move to a larger city, to get quality clothes, shoes, appliances, or any kind of product, and leisure time these days is valued no less than money. In addition, the opening hours of the stores are not always the most convenient for us.


You can make a purchase at an online mall at any convenient time and from anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet. It will take you a few minutes to select several products and place an order, especially when the customer already has a reliable online store and is well versed on the site. Many receive help from smartphone applications and personal offers that are sent to their personal account.

In contrast to normal "live" shopping, you can sometimes spend all day shopping, especially before the vacations when a large number of customers accumulate in the stores. Buying online avoids wasting time waiting in line to pay.

Save money

Online shopping also saves money. Many promotions and discount programs allow you to buy products significantly cheaper. The most tangible discounts are for expensive branded clothing and appliances. But keep in mind: even without discounts, products in online stores are always cheaper.


There's no catch: an online store doesn't need to spend money on beautiful showrooms and expensive malls filled with people. The stores are usually located outside the city, in any case, their rent is much cheaper. Therefore, online stores can attract a maximum number of buyers by offering them quality products at very attractive prices.


It is worth noting that online orders can also be made in some large chain stores, and prices of products on the Internet are usually lower.


In addition, many online stores now make free deliveries if the purchase costs more than a certain amount, which also saves money.

Availability of a wide range of products

Another advantage is the great variety of products. It is common to say that all the world's goods can be found on the Internet, and this is not an exaggeration. If something is not on one trading platform, it will surely be on another, whose transition will take place with a single click. It's hard to imagine this with "physical" stores.


In addition, online stores generally offer a wide range of sizes and colors, which is especially important when choosing clothes and shoes. You can always find the best option for both an adult and a child.

Payment and delivery facilities

The undoubted advantage of online shopping is the choice of delivery method. You can choose to receive your purchase comfortably at home, by arranging the day you will receive your package. Others prefer to go independently to the point of collection or delivery of orders, which now appear less and less distance.


This also includes choosing the most convenient payment method. Therefore, purchases can be paid for by card immediately after ordering online; then, all that remains is to receive or pick them up. Some use electronic money, and some online stores allow you to pay with accumulated points. You can also pay for goods upon receipt, to the courier service or to the point of issue, usually in cash and with a card.


When you store in a physical store, everyone can see what they are looking at, what kind of store they have entered and finally, what they are paying for. Even if no one is there, the salesperson who serves you knows what you've taken. However, online shopping is much more discreet, and some stores offer to keep that discretion at the time of delivery.

The disadvantages

Problems with delivery

Unfortunately, depending on the areas in which one resides, deliveries can be a bit complicated and the wait can be eternal. In rural areas or areas with poor delivery service, delivery can become more complicated than we would like.


Another disadvantage for the buyer: an inconvenient collection point. Sometimes warehouses are located in such a way that reaching them is long, expensive and inconvenient.


Finally, before the holiday periods, customers may face delays in delivery and even lack of products, as this is a really "hot" time for online stores. That's why it's important to be proactive during those dates, and not to leave all the purchases for the last moment.

Problems with returns

The next disadvantage refers to the situation where the products came to you, but did not fit or even turned out to be defective. Sometimes your return or exchange is not easy.


Large, respectful online stores have services for returning purchases, so you can return an unsuitable product or a low-quality item, even if you have to spend time on it. But with some online stores they're not very clear about their return policies, and that can be a problem.


That's why you should pay more attention to the choice of shoes and clothing in online stores: choosing a size without trying on "at first sight" can be difficult. The risk of getting something big or small is quite high. Therefore, it is recommended to think carefully about everything before paying. In any case, read the descriptions carefully and if you still have doubts, contact the seller to resolve them.

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