The best Netflix series today

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Netflix is a subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) platform. It offers a very large catalog of films, series, documentaries and even cartoons.

You can access the platform from any device: smartphone, tablet, TV or computer, thanks to the Netflix application (iOS, Android).

Netflix has other features such as watching favorite series and movies offline, blocking the screen/pause button to avoid accidental playback interruptions, stopping automatic playback, parental controls, etc.

There are pages that always premieres good series and if you want to know everything about this and other television platforms and famous television (in spanish: famosos televisión) there are some webs about television news

The Netflix platform offers 3 monthly subscription formulas:


Essential at 7.99 / month: on a single screen


Standard at 11.99 / month: on 2 screens at the same time.


Premium at 15.99 / month: up to 4 screens at the same time.


Finally, Netflix gives you the opportunity to try their service for free for 7 days, compared to 1 month in the past. It is now a "satisfied, refunded" system. You pay for the subscription and then have 7 days to retract it and get a refund.  

VPN for Netflix

If you are already a Netflix subscriber and would like to have access to a wider range of options than those offered within our borders, you can use a VPN.

With it, your location will be hidden, so you can browse the sites as if you were anywhere in the world.

For more information, check out our selection of the best VPNs, some of which are even free.

Netflix series to watch

Our selection is heterogeneous, we have included international series of all kinds.

If you're not sure between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, check out our comparison of the two broadcast platforms.

1. Stranger Things

If you are a fan of science fiction and horror, this series is made for you!

One fall afternoon, 83, a 12-year-old boy, Will, suddenly disappears. His mother, the police, his best friends and the enigmatic Eleven set out to find him.

2. Hollywood

Discover the golden age of Hollywood, right after World War II. We follow artists trying to launch their film careers.

3. The paper house

The Paper House takes us behind the scenes of what is supposed to be the biggest break in Spain: the robbery of the Fábrica Nacional de Monedas y Sellos.

They will try to take 2.4 billion euros, without causing any injuries ...

The operation is meticulously directed by an enigmatic character called "The Professor" who, for the occasion, has assembled a team of carefully selected criminals.

Be careful, as often, the devil is in the details ...

4. Blood & Water

Puleng Khumalo is a young introverted South African teenager who, during a birthday party, meets the popular Fikile.

Puleng finds a great family resemblance to her, even thinking she is his sister who disappeared 17 years ago.

Is it just the result of chance or fate? What buried secrets will come to light? What will be the consequences?

5. Love 101

We plunged into Isik's adolescence in the late 1990s. She remembers this tumultuous period when her classmates at war with the principal risked being excluded from high school.

They then develop a ploy and ask for Isik's help, which will provide them with much more than they imagined.

6. Mortel

Mortel is a French fantasy series. We follow Sofiane, Victor and Luisa, three teenagers who are opposed to everything, their destiny changes when they realize they have super powers... 

7. The Witcher

The Witcher is an adaptation of the Polish literary saga The Witcher. Geralt de Riv, a lonely mutant monster hunter, is trying to find his place in a world, but humans were the worst.

8. Spinning Out

Kate Baker, a young figure skater, thought she would never compete again after a serious head fall. Her misfortune doesn't come alone, she must also deal with a toxic relationship with her manic-depressive mother. But that's not all, Kate herself has bipolar disorder... 

9. Dracula

Dracula is the new baby of creators like Sherlock and Doctor Who (some episodes), just that ... Obviously we follow the famous bloodthirsty Count Dracula, but this time in London and no longer in Transylvania.

10. Dare me

Colette French returns to the village, which she had left for several years. She is hired to coach the high school cheerleading team.

Surprisingly, the team and its self-proclaimed captain, Beth Cassidy, received her coldly. 

Beth is a bitter, manipulative teenager who enjoys humiliating the little ones. Colette tries everything to end this supremacy. 

One day, the "quiet" life of this small community will be shaken by a terrible drama ... 

11. V Wars

Dr. Luther Swann's life is turned upside down when his best friend Michael declares a strange illness and becomes a vampire. This evil spreads and ends up dividing society in 2, on one side, the humans, on the other side, the blood drinkers.

Luther's mission is to find an antidote, while Michael becomes the leader of the vampires.

12. Dark

Dark is a German series that makes it easy to lose track of time, the past, the future and the present intermingle.

In Winden, several child disappearances are causing problems and distress. The small town contains many secrets, which are waiting to reappear.

Dark is a fantastic German series with an impressive intrigue. If you liked Stranger Things, don't hesitate!


On the subject of famous television it is very important to keep informed, if you want to know the latest on these topics such as series, movies and tv curiosities, you should stay tuned for the TV news (in spanish: deberías estar atento a las noticias televisión).

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