The (cosmetic) wonders of the Dead Sea

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The properties of the minerals present in the Dead Sea mud are very valuable in detoxifying and restoring the vitality of both the skin and the whole body. The Dead Sea contains 30% of minerals; in comparison, other seas and oceans contain only 3%. Dead Sea water contains 21 minerals, most of which are inorganic, meaning they do not contain hydrogen, carbon or oxygen, so they are not subject to oxidation, which in turn retains their powerful therapeutic and healing properties. Some of these minerals are lipophilic and penetrate the epidermis. 

Some important Dead Sea minerals: 


Magnesium - 30-34% 

Potassium - 22-28% 

Sodium - 12-18% 

Calcium - 0.3-0.7% 

Lithium - 0.2-0.9% 

Strontium - 0.2-0.9% 

Bromine - 0.2-0.4% 

Iodine - 0.2-0.9% 

Sulfur - 0.1-0.2% 


Known properties of the 5 main minerals of the Dead Sea


Magnesium is one of the "trigger" minerals, it is necessary for the initiation of various reactions in the body and, together with calcium and potassium, it plays an important role in maintaining cellular balance. Magnesium is essential for the metabolism of calcium and vitamin C, as well as phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Magnesium calms the nervous system more physically than psychologically. It is also important for the efficient functioning of the nervous and muscular systems, to convert blood sugar into energy. It is considered an "anti-stress" mineral. 


Potassium is a powerful fluid regulator. Our body contains a large amount of water, about 40 liters with a human weight of 65 kg. Four fifths of this water is contained in the cells, the rest is outside the cells. Maintaining this balance and the proper composition of the intracellular fluid is the basis of the body's activity. Any malfunctioning of the mechanism causes serious and fundamental health problems. Potassium is the main component of the fluid inside the cells and sodium is the extracellular fluid. Therefore, these two elements play a key role in the regulation of the fluid level. When the nervous and muscular systems function, the pressure on the cell walls changes and, as a result, potassium leaves the cells and sodium enters them, and then the original balance is restored. Most of the potassium is found in the muscles. In an adult's body, it is about 4 ounces (just over 100 grams). Adequate levels of potassium are vital to the nervous system, proper response to stimuli, and normal muscle function. Potassium also interacts with other elements involved in processes such as the conversion of glucose into muscle energy, enzymatic reactions and protein formation. It also plays a vital role in maintaining the body's acid-base balance (maintaining alkaline levels).


Iodine is a unique mineral (among those we know). It is the only mineral that is the main ingredient of certain hormones. Thyroid hormones control the entire spectrum of the body's activity: insufficient production of hormones leads to a slowdown in the work of the entire system. Therefore, iodine is not directly, but closely, associated with more than one hundred enzyme systems controlled by thyroid hormones, including energy production, growth, reproduction, activity of the nervous system, work of the nerve endings of muscles, and growth of skin and hair. 


Sulfur: animals and plants contain proteins, and all proteins contain a certain amount of sulfur. Therefore, this element is important for proteins, as well as being closely related to them. This element forms an ingredient of several important protein substances, vitamin B, thiamine (B1), biotin, and other body components. Therefore, sulfur is necessary if many functions are not performed properly. This element is present in every cell and is concentrated in hair, nails and skin. The body of an adult contains about 4 ounces (just over 100 grams).


Bromine is a natural relaxant. Scientific studies have confirmed that when applied to the skin it penetrates the circulatory system. At the same time, it acts on the nervous system, calming and relaxing it. If the body's chemical system is calm from the inside, then the person seems calmer to others. 


General benefits of mineral therapy:

All minerals attract liquids. A classic example: table salt becomes moist when kept in an open container. In many ways, this is similar to the way Dead Sea minerals attract and retain moisture from the atmosphere. This means that when applied to the skin in treatments, the minerals effectively hydrate the skin. Other properties of the minerals: stimulation of surface cells, increased blood circulation, restoration of the skin's sensitivity level due to cell strengthening. No wonder that Dead Sea mineral cosmetics (in spanish: cosmética minerales del Mar Muerto) are so appreciated for their properties.


Clinical trials show that Dead Sea minerals keep the skin hydrated longer than traditional moisturizing ingredients. For centuries, Dead Sea minerals have been known for their healing and therapeutic properties. As their popularity grows, more and more health-conscious people want to use products containing Dead Sea minerals. In fact, the combination of Dead Sea minerals truly replicates a person's Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). It has been shown to be more effective and longer lasting in restoring mineral levels and balance to the skin than other known products. 

Dead Sea Mud

It is best to heat it to a pleasant temperature before using the Dead Sea mud for body treatments. This is a very active procedure and has an immediate effect not only on the skin, but is also used for mobility problems and joint pain, muscle injuries and immobility, as it contains minerals. The purified black mud from the Dead Sea is used in facial masks and is a deep cleansing and treatment of skin problems. Due to its high percentage of minerals, Dead Sea mud plays a very active role in the treatment of both psoriasis and all types of eczema. 


Today, the fundamental principle of procedures for both face and body that use both mud and algae is to add them to the exfoliation procedure, which gives excellent results. This innovation allows customers to get the best of both products and gives beauticians a clean and perfect way to perform their procedure.


In most cases, nature took millennia to create mineral-based products with the help of natural evolution, and we can use them with confidence in the 21st century.

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