The importance of the reflective person in today's world

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A reflective person is not someone locked in his own self, without contact with his environment. On the contrary: she is observant, reserved; at the moment of giving an opinion she has already analyzed everything with precision. She considers the advantages and disadvantages of a situation and when she speaks she measures each of her words. There is nothing better than a positive world (in spanish: mundo positivo).

How to identify a reflective person?

1 .- They know what they want in life: from the moment they can remember, they set goals that they achieve thanks to the perseverance they put into the process. In each stage of their life they propose achievable goals, not impulsiveness: they measure each step to guarantee success. 

They have clear objectives and goals: they methodically visualize the arrival. They do not take shortcuts in life because the lack of "a piece", can generate imbalances in the future. 

3 .- They have control over their emotions: as it is capable of reflecting on itself, measure their behavior, because it knows its limitations

4- Transmit tranquility and serenity: in adverse circumstances a reflective person does not lose his composure. Due to their capacity of analysis, they can find an alternative solution to the problem presented. 

5 .- They learn from mistakes: Being wrong is also present in a reflective person. What makes the difference is that he or she analyzes the mistakes made so as not to commit them again.

With the senses on the surface

The ability to observe and understand the environment is another characteristic that is based on a reflective person. These virtues are an important contribution to the construction of a positive world (mundo positivo). Today's societies live a hectic day to day. They need someone to give them the necessary warnings in the face of danger.

Knowing how to listen is another special condition of the reflective person. Do not interrupt a conversation until you understand well what they are talking about. If something is not clear, he will ask for explanations until he has a clear picture of the situation, so that he can meditate on the possible alternatives, without rushing.   

A meditative person learns from every personal relationship. This is because it implies looking at oneself from the outside and working on the perception or knowledge that other people have of him. 

This state of maturity allows him to distinguish his feelings; consolidates his emotional independence and guarantees him greater ease in getting out of difficult situations faster than usual.

A positive world (mundo positivo) deserves citizens who stop for a moment in life. They should acquire the habit of meditating on every word before saying it or acting on it. This would avoid many problems.

For the construction of a positive world, reflection is urgent. What seems normal may be the problem and living from instinct or impulsiveness does not give good results. Today's human being needs to think more about him: to seek tranquility so that good ideas can flow. 

To be reflective is a collective good

Losing the capacity for wonder is a latent danger in the human race. If a war, a famine or a natural catastrophe does not move feelings of rejection, solidarity or commitment, something is happening: one can be living with the "Darwinian" code of survival of the fittest. 

A positive world demands more attention. To be reflective in the personal, it must be collectivized: humanity deserves to ask itself where it is going with the rhythm of life it is leading. If consumerism is the best way to exist. See, hear and perceive the things that are destroying the planet and put the correctives. 

Breaking stereotypes

We must advance from the individual to the social so that a positive world is constituted by all those who inhabit this planet. Leave behind stereotypes and classifications of others by their creed and political way of thinking: in this world everyone fits. 

Just as a reflective person has clear goals and learns from his mistakes, modern man has the urgency of reviewing social, moral and political norms and conventions; meditating if they fit to reality or on the contrary should be modified or changed to achieve the goal of all: collective happiness. 

Personal autonomy guarantees a reflective person the making of the best decisions. Modern societies need something similar: greater independence to decide their destiny, without the interference of the neighbor. Of course, respect must be the key: treatment among equals is the solution. 

Reflective people have much to teach modernity. Their presence, their meditations, their capacity to observe and act in a clairvoyant way in the achievement of their goals is pertinent. They have an important word for making a new world possible. 

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