The lovers (of tarot)

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The Tarot of Love (in spanish: el tarot del amor) is one of the most consulted in the world. People's concern for their love future is still a recurring theme in society. The tarot cards arose at the time as a simple game, but gradually were used by those who claim to be endowed with certain esoteric skills, to predict the future of those who consulted them and somehow guide them. There are those who affirm that it is necessary to have this gift in order to interpret the tarot cards, and for that reason they only trust those who offer their tarot services without a cabinet (tarot sin gabinete). Others believe that it is a kind of science that can be studied and learned. Neither one nor the other has been proven.

However, there are a number of explanations and guides to help interpret the tarot cards. If you are curious to know more about the subject, today we will analyze what it means, according to the experts, a card that has much to do, or that may seem in principle, with that which concerns us all so much: love.

The letter of the lovers

The Lovers Tarot card may seem pretty self-explanatory, but like all tarot cards, there is more to it than meets the eye. The card shows a man and a woman standing underneath the angel Raphael. It is important to note that the name Raphael means "God Heals" and symbolizes emotional and physical healing. The angel sends his blessings to the man and woman as he reminds them of their divine union.


To some, the couple appears to be Adam and Eve. The scene in the letter is very similar to the Garden of Eden, with an apple tree and a snake behind the woman. Both the tree and the snake represent the temptation that can lead them away from the Divine. Also man has a tree behind him. His tree contains twelve flames that not only represent his passion but also the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Also there is a volcano at the bottom of the letter of lovers. This phallic symbol shows the passion that erupts when the naked man and woman meet and give in to their temptation.

The lovers' appears upside down

As you might expect, the Lovers' Tarot card represents meaningful relationships and appreciated connections. When this card appears, it means that there is an amazing connection with someone you love. It can mean that you have found (or will soon find) your soul mate. In a sexual sense, it shows that sex is much deeper than the physical act and is almost spiritual. (It is important to note that although the Lovers' Tarot card is most commonly linked to a romantic relationship, it can also represent a close bond with a family member or friend.)


This letter also represents honesty and communication. This is evident from the two figures on the card that are naked and quite vulnerable. They have nothing to hide from each other as everything is literally out in the open. They are opening up to each other and sharing their feelings. By being open and honest, they are showing trust and respect for each other. When you pull out the lovers' card, the message is clear: An open and communicative relationship is one that will be filled with love, respect and trust.



The Lovers' Letter also tries to be open and honest about your values in life. By being "naked", you are not hiding behind a mask. You are dealing with your issues openly and determining who you are and what you stand for. In the future, you will continue to be open and authentic to your true self.


The letter can also represent a choice. In some cases, it can be a sign that you are facing an internal struggle and need to make an important decision. Before a reading, you may have struggled with what to do about the issue. When you choose the lovers' letter, the answer is clear. You choose love and to love yourself and to love those around you. You choose to put love into the universe. Love everyone around you and take the higher path, even if it is the hardest path to take.


The two figures on the card can also mean unity. For your situation, this card can represent the coming together of two very different, but equal, parts to make something that is complete. In everything, there is something good and something bad, but together there is a unity that radiates love.


The inverted lovers

We have determined what the Lovers' Tarot card represents, but what does it mean when the card comes out with the lovers' heads down? As you can imagine, the inverted Lovers' Tarot card does not bode well. It often represents a strained and broken relationship, one that may end soon.


You may be going through a rough patch where you don't feel connected to your loved ones. You may feel disconnected from your romantic partner and have begun to doubt your future with her. While it may be a bit defeatist to receive this letter in reverse, it doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed. In some cases, it is a gentle nudge from the universe to return to your purest state with your self or loved ones. Take some time to remember why you are with them.


What happens if you do?

Sometimes pulling this card means a difficult future. You may realize that you and your loved one have grown apart and there is nothing you can do to fix the cracks in the relationship. If you find yourself struggling more than loving, it may be time to end the relationship and move on.


While the Lovers Tarot card represents respect and unity, the reverse version may mean the opposite. Often, it can mean that one person in the relationship is much more committed than the other. One lover may be more involved in the relationship while the other does not have such strong feelings. Be careful, this can lead to disappointment and pain in the future.


If you are not in a relationship, the inverted lover's card may suggest struggles with self-esteem and respect. You may not value yourself highly or seek respect from outside sources. You may notice that you look at other people's traits and wish to have them. It is during this time that you should let go of what you think you should be and honor the traits you already possess.


In conclusion, it doesn't matter if you draw the card normally or the other way around, the message is clear: The lover's card represents love. It can represent the traditional sense of love between two people or it can represent self-love. As with all tarot cards, take the time after your reading to apply the meaning of this card to your current situation and see how you can use it to improve your life.


Seen in this way, and learning the meaning of the cards one by one, it seems that it really doesn't have to be that difficult to 'predict' the future with them. So why do some people seem to have the ability to do so and others don't? Is tarot really something simple to learn? Can we all learn? Is it prediction or suggestion? These and other questions are always open to these issues, although the important thing will always be to love ourselves very much and to love ourselves well.

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