What to take to a surf trip?

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Besides the surf clothes (in spanish: ropa surf) there are different elements that are essential for a surf trip, from accessories for the maintenance of the board, to those for personal use that can give way to a better experience on the waves.


Here we will mention the elements that cannot be missing from your suitcase if you plan to make a trip to go surfing, in any case, unforeseen events can occur, so it is better to be prepared.

Wax and comb

Wax is essential for the proper functioning of the board, being an element that must be in accordance with the temperature of the waters in which you plan to surf, because not only do you need to wear good ecological clothing (ropa ecológica), but also the right kerosene for your board.


On the other hand, applying it is not as easy as just pouring a layer on top of another, it is advisable to use a wax comb, with which you can scrape the old layer, so that the wax underneath can shine and give better friction for a while longer.

Invented by

Make sure you always include the invention in your suitcase, it wouldn't be bad to carry an extra one in case the first one breaks, because there is nothing worse than running out of leashes on the shore, seeing the big waves and not being able to get into them.


The invention is usually broken by the force of the sea, but also by misuse, so make sure you include an extra one - if you can - in your luggage for the trip to the beach.


We mention that both your board accessories and your own are essential, and that on trips to the beach will always need to take the protector, even if you go surfing - or not - sometimes as much as it can cover our adventure clothing (ropa de aventura) will also need a layer of sunscreen.


In the summertime the water can reflect the sun's glare even more, and considering the hours spent at sea waiting for the waves, it is better to take the necessary precautions.


The recommended sunscreens can be sticks, because this type of sunscreen is much thicker, resisting more time while in the water.

Surf clothes

Lycra or neoprene clothes are a must, especially if you love surfing, because no matter how used to this sport you may be, the board does not stop scratching, its constant rubbing with the body can make uncomfortable marks, more so when you are in salt water.


We recommend short surf clothes, which allow better mobility, although the preference of the Lycra style will depend on your ability to withstand temperatures, as well as your body temperature.

Repair kit

No surf lover wants his board to be broken or damaged in any way, so carrying a repair kit is indispensable, the correct way to apply it will be while the board is dry.


The Solares brand type of cream can dry quickly in the sun, but like other kits you must clean the surface of the board well before applying the repair paste, it is recommended to file the surface of the board a little before applying the paste.

Insulating tape

It may seem a bit rudimentary, but it will save your board's life. In case you hit your board but it is not too badly damaged or too big to repair immediately, you can cover the blow with duct tape, such as a small bandage, making sure the board is dry inside and outside the crack.

Additional fins

Just like the invention, the keels can also break from nothing, without any warning, they can even break due to the collision with another board, leaving you on the shore, admiring the waves that you will not be able to surf, so leave room in your luggage to include some spare keels, that small incidents will not prevent you from having a great day at sea.


It is better to prevent any kind of improvisation, so include this kind of accessories in your suitcase or surfer's backpack is of utmost importance, as much as it would be a small relief kit for you, we know that in many beaches there can be surfer's stores nearby, but you wouldn't have to worry about spending money unexpectedly for something you forgot at home.

First Aid Kit


No one is going to surf with the intention of getting hurt, and we all take the necessary precautions to not get hurt. Still, accidents do happen, and it's important to be prepared for them. A first aid kit should never be missing on any trip, but even less so if it's a trip with a certain dose of adventure, like surfing. A first aid kit will be able to help you respond effectively to an emergency, and to hold on to the arrival of help if things are more complicated and not resolved with a simple band-aid and some iodine. 

The basic supplies you should have in your medicine cabinet are as follows:


Adhesive tape

Elastic bandages

Bandage strips and "butterfly" bandages in different sizes

Extra strong glue

Rubber tourniquet or French catheter No. 16

Sterile non-stick bandages and gauze rolls in various sizes

Eye protection or eye pad

Large triangular bandage (can be used as a sling)

Aluminum Finger Splint

Ice packs

Cotton balls and cotton swabs

Latex-free disposable gloves, several pairs

Adhesive tape

Petroleum jelly or other lubricant

Plastic bags of different sizes

Hook pins of various sizes

Scissors and tweezers

Hand Sanitizer

Antibiotic Ointment

Antiseptic solution and wipes

Eye washing solution


Pear or other suction device for wound washing

Sterile saline solution for irrigation, rinsing

Respiratory barrier (surgical mask)

Medicine syringe, cup or spoon

First Aid Manual

Hydrogen peroxide for disinfection

You should also include some medications, especially if you are going away for several days.


Aloe Vera Gel

Calamine lotion

Anti-diarrheal medication



Antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine

Hydrocortisone cream

Cough and cold medicine

Personal medications that do not require refrigeration

Epinephrine auto-injector, if prescribed by your doctor

Analgesics, such as paracetamol (Tylenol, others), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others)

With all these tips, you are ready to enjoy the waves to the fullest, choose your best boards and enjoy the ride.

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