Why buy uniforms for your company

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There are customized clothes (in spanish: ropa personalizada) for each profession and, in general, work clothes can be functional for your business or simply to represent , to communicate the image of your company.

The Ministry of Labor establishes the three most important functions that uniforms and any other type of work clothing perform:


It is a distinctive element of the company in which you work;


It represents a protection for the health and safety of the worker, to avoid injuries and accidents;


Protects personal clothing from wear and tear while performing your job.

Why the uniform is important: not only aesthetics, but also safety at work

There are many sectors where people choose to equip their staff with uniforms, such as factories and industries, restaurants, some chain stores or the medical and health and welfare sectors.


For example, for professions in the hotel sector, aesthetics are preferred to functionality, and uniforms must necessarily suggest professionalism and elegance, thus opting for comfort but also for style.


In the health sector, however, clothing must guarantee perfect hygiene, comfort and efficiency. Clothes must be breathable and easy to clean, so functionality is preferred to aesthetics.


While in some sectors the uniform is strictly representative, in others it is fundamental. Let's see together the reasons why it is essential to wear work clothes:

Uniform as a means of safety for the worker


In some workplaces it is not even possible to enter if you have not put on your uniform first. For example, in the construction industry, where it is absolutely mandatory to wear work clothes and safety devices such as protective helmets, gloves and so on, this is why these textiles are so important for companies (textiles para empresas). Or in the food or chemical industry where gowns, caps, goggles and gloves are mandatory. Or in hospitals or clinics where hazardous substances are treated daily and people are exposed to all kinds of contamination.


The uniform, therefore, in some cases is a lifesaver for the worker and protects their health and appropriate work clothing reduces accidents at work.

Divided as a corporate image

In other fields, however, the uniform does not serve as a safety device but as a pure image or sign of belonging to a certain company. Whether it's a jumpsuit, a T-shirt, or a stylish suit, dressing up anyway creates a team feeling and helps customers recognize a company representative immediately.


The style of clothing, then, will depend on the type of sector in which you work and the task at hand. For example, in a hotel the first person you meet is the one working at the reception desk, so it is important that the employee immediately expresses confidence and order in the customer and therefore dresses in an elegant and refined manner.

Divided as an advertising medium

In addition, a personalized uniform with your company's logos clearly visible also becomes an effective advertising medium, especially when employees are out of the office. The corporate image, in this case, will be exposed to the public and may attract other potential customers, but it is very important, therefore, that the uniform is pleasant and of good quality.


Do not underestimate the customization of uniforms, but always choose the right colors, fabrics and materials of good quality carefully, so that your logo does not disappear easily after a few washings.

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