Vacations in Spain

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This year the topic of the vacations is going to be very complicated. Although I must admit that in my case, the vacations are always a little different from the rest of the world. You may wonder why. Well, because I live where others spend their vacations. Surely there are many people in the world who can make this statement, but living on islands in the Mediterranean, such as the Balearic Islands, makes you see how your home is the vacation destination of millions of people around the world. And of course, normally your vacation has little to do with the beach (Why, if we have the best, modesty aside) and rarely is in summer, when people tend to work on the islands.

An unusual summer

But of course, this was until now. This year the beaches of the islands are almost exclusively for those of us who live here, and many people who did not enjoy a summer vacation have been forced to take a "forced vacation". This has made many of us see the situation as an opportunity to do something we have never done, and enjoy a different kind of vacation.

I know several people who will make the jump from one island to another, although it seems incredible, sometimes what we have closer, is the most unknown. Others will choose to simply enjoy an emptier island and beaches without crowds, as it has been decades since they were seen, that not everything was going to be bad. And some of us are considering a trip around Spain, although living on an island, the connectivity options are not always the best.

Visiting Spain (when you live on an island)

It is clear that we have no choice but to bet on the boat or the plane. And the closest connections are Barcelona and Valencia. By boat you can also take your own car, and from there go for miles around the peninsula. However, another good option is to go to a car rental in Valencia (in spanish: alquiler de coches Valencia), thus avoiding the wear and tear of your own car. In addition, this way it is easier to choose the right car for the trip, because when it comes to doing many miles throughout the Spanish geography, it is possible that the car that you do so well on a small island, is short for several hours of highway. It is also possible that we want to go with several friends or family, so considering a bigger vehicle will give better results than a car. In this case a Valencia van rental (Alquiler de furgonetas Valencia) could be a good solution.

Start the route

The idea of departing from Valencia, and not from Barcelona (or flying to Madrid and renting from there), arises from the wide range of routes that this port of departure offers. In addition to the obligatory visit to the city and the many wonders of the Valencian Community, Valencia allows you to organize different routes along the Iberian Peninsula that will allow us to visit different Spanish provinces to whom we have had the immense luck of being born in islands, although they have brought us some difficulty to know the rest of the country.

I want to go yes or yes


From Valencia, and once the essential visits have been made, such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the intention is to set off for Cuenca to see the hanging houses, the symbol of the city. The cathedral of Santa María and San Julián are also two places to visit, as well as the skyscrapers of the San Martín district. The San Pablo bridge and the ruins of the XIII century castle in Trabuco street are also something I don't want to miss. Finally, the tunnels on Alfonso VIII Street are something I've wanted to visit since I knew about their existence. The subway tunnels are always fascinating, don't you think?


We will follow the route to Guadalajara, and everything points to the fact that we must visit Sigüenza, it will be for a reason, so we will pay attention to the recommendations. The Castle, nowadays transformed into a Parador, and the Cathedral, are impressive in photo, so yes, it is a must. Also it is recommended to visit the house of the Doncel. The medieval town of Atienza is another place to stop. And finally, something I don't want to miss is the Barranco del Río Dulce Natural Park, where Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente filmed some chapters of "El hombre y la tierra".


"I'm on my way to Soria..." (Voy camino Soria, a Gabitente Caligari’s song) I couldn't stop singing this song. The Numantino Museum, the Castle Park and the Monastery of San Juan de Duero are on my must-see list. And if we're on the right track, the Cañón del Río Lobos is something I wouldn't want to miss when I pass by. Although the gastronomy, in this case, can retain us more than expected...

La Rioja

At this point of the road we may have a small split with the company of friends we are travelling with, as I don't like it in wine, and La Rioja is famous for its wines. In the end I will probably give in to the pressure of visiting vineyards and wineries, and make a mini wine route, although I would prefer a thousand times to visit Pardejón, the village of the mushroom and the dinosaur footprints in Enciso and the Barranco Perdido.


And finally we arrived in Navarre. After reading the Baztan trilogy by Dolores Redondo, I am looking forward to visiting this valley. Getting to know the nature and the historical and cultural tradition, as well as the mythology that inspired this writer for her novels is something I really want to do, and that for me would be the end of a great and very intense vacation in Spain. 

The return

Of course, if we have rented a car or a van, we must take into account the return options we have when plotting our route, although most rental companies offer all kinds of facilities. In any case, the route could continue through the Pyrenees and down the Catalan coast until we reach Valencia again. In this way we would have completed a beautiful triangle in which we would have plateau, mountain and beach. You can't ask for an unusual but perfect vacation.

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