Nine tips to help you achieve your dream body

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Everyone dreams of a healthy and fit body. Maintaining a healthy body helps us to be better in our day-to-day lives, and makes us better in all facets of our lives. To do this we must take into account that we must modify some habits and include healthy routines in both diet and exercise. It is not about getting the body we want and then going back to the old habits, but about feeling comfortable and happy with a lifestyle that we can implement and follow forever. Therefore, the main thing is not to be too hard on ourselves and always keep in mind what the goal is: to be healthier and feel better. Improving our physical appearance will only be a consequence of the above.

It may seem that all the rules to acquire a beautiful figure have been known for a long time. However, not everyone manages to achieve the body of their dreams once and for all. The fact is that it is often quite difficult to assimilate the idea that the figure is a consequence of a healthy lifestyle. If it is not done in this way the road to a good figure becomes long and arduous. 

This is not the time to discuss whether you should go on a low-carb diet, whether you should go into the fad of intermittent fasting or whether you need a 2000 calorie diet (in spanish: dieta de 2000 calorías).  Nor will you find here the ideal gym routine to shape your body, no one can tell you without knowing you and making a personal assessment if what you need are routines of 50 sit-ups on a plate every two days or if you should devote yourself to lateral lifts (elevaciones laterales). However, there are some universal truths that can help you no matter what you are doing, whatever type of diet you follow and whether you choose one form of exercise or another.

Tips to get a strong and shapely body forever


1. Set realistic goals


A good motivation is very important to lose weight. The mistake most people make is setting goals incorrectly. If you want to lose 10 kilograms of excess weight in one week, these tips are not for you. Proper nutrition and physical activity should become your lifestyle, not a transit point.


Set realistic intermediate goals based on your diet and exercise volume. This way, you will know what you are striving for and get results faster, which will definitely motivate you to new achievements. 


2. Say "No" to excuses


In the process of achieving a beautiful figure, regularity and consistency are important. You should be ready to push yourself and go exercise even when you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and have a shake with a couple of cakes. Believing in yourself and your own strength does not imply excuses. Exercise and eat so that you will be better and healthier every day. 


3. Educate yourself 


Read specialized literature and watch thematic sports channels on the Internet. You are also interested in what happens to your body during physical activity, what foods should be used to gain muscle mass and what foods are used to lose weight, for which the body needs protein and carbohydrates. Understanding these processes will have a positive effect on your training and motivation, help you avoid possible mistakes and understand what you need to pay special attention to in order to achieve the body of your dreams. Remember that a beautiful body is a healthy body, and that specialized literature is not written by models or actors, but by scientists and endocrinologists.


4. Move more


This is perhaps one of the most important rules, the observance of which largely determines what you see in the mirror after a certain time. If you are not a fan of intense physical activity and the gym, don't torture yourself. Everyone can find activity to their liking. It can be dance, Pilates, boxing, yoga or walking regularly. The main thing is regularity. The more you move, the more fat you lose. 


It is important to remember that if you want to see a body with developed muscles, you cannot do without strength training. Also, contrary to popular belief, such exercises significantly increase the effectiveness of cardiovascular training in fighting excess weight. 


5. Eat right


What you eat largely determines the quality of your future body. In order to be fit and healthy, it is necessary to exclude ultra-processed foods from your diet. Lean on vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, nuts, dairy products. Of course, you can follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, just be well informed about how to do it to stay healthy.


Remember to indulge yourself sometimes with your favorite foods. If you have a sweet tooth, don't give up chocolate forever, because someday you'll break your diet anyway. A good portion of chocolate has never hurt anyone. Try to eat candy in the morning. But junk food should be abandoned forever. 


6. Drink lots of water


Adequate fluid intake is a very important part of the fat burning process. A person should drink six to eight glasses of drinking water a day. Lack of fluid in the body leads to a number of problems, including disruption of the digestive system, increased fatigue and dehydration. This last problem is especially dangerous if you train intensely. 


7. Eat more frequently, but in small portions


Fractionated nutrition is quite effective when it comes to losing weight. The fact is that when you eat food in small portions every 2-3 hours, you don't feel hungry and, as a result, you approach the size of the portions consumed more wisely. In addition, fractional nutrition is responsible for a constant load of vibrancy and energy.


Fruits, nuts, whole grain bars, smoothies and other healthy foods are excellent between-meal snacks. As for dinner, it should be made 3-4 hours before bedtime. 

Of course, those on diets such as intermittent fasting cannot follow this guideline, so at this point we refer to the introduction. If indeed having a beautiful and healthy body implies a change in lifestyle, and that change must be maintained over time, do you see the possibility of maintaining something like intermittent fasting for years? It is your choice.


8. Find like-minded people 


Losing weight is a rather complicated process that requires a lot of energy, both physical and moral. This task becomes doubly difficult when you walk this path alone. You may also be following a diet to increase muscle mass, however, diet is essential, and it is not always easy to follow.


Find like-minded people. Go to workouts together, cook healthy meals and share your achievements. It's much easier to follow all the principles of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle if you feel responsible to someone and have to report on the work done. In this way, you will greatly reduce the risk of falling in love with something sweet or skipping your workout. 


9. Don't hesitate to ask for advice


If you're new to the gym, you probably still feel uncomfortable trying something new. This is quite natural. Don't hesitate to ask the veterans and the instructor for advice on how to do a particular exercise. If you're really interested, they won't object to helping you, and you may even be able to make new friends who can help you in the process. 

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