5 signs that a home needs major renovation

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It often happens that when we live in a house we are not very aware of the passage of time. Of course we know that days, months and years go by, and from time to time we are faced with displeasure about the need to change some appliances that have been damaged by use or by programmed obsolescence. On occasion, we may even decide to make some changes in decoration, buy new curtains or repaint some of the rooms. But in general, we tend to ignore the passage of time in our home, or patch it up with small repairs until it is too evident: Our house or apartment needs a complete renovation.

Not everyone is capable of detecting the evidence that the time has come to contact a comprehensive reform company in Madrid (in spanish: reformas en integrales Madrid), and give your home the attention it has denied you for years. But there are very clear signs that should not be overlooked. Facing a comprehensive reform at home is something that most people are very lazy about. Sometimes it is not so much because of the economic outlay involved, but because of the inconvenience and discomfort that can be caused by having to work at home. For that reason it is important to have professionals working on it. If you hire professionals to reform Madrid (reformas Madrid), not only will have your reform to your liking in the shortest time possible, but the experience will be much more pleasant than you might imagine, because it will be like opening a new house. 

If your house is already showing signs of having the ailments of someone who needs a comprehensive reform, is something you can discover in this article. Let's see what those symptoms are.

Signs that your house needs a comprehensive reform

The first sign: 

If the roof starts to collapse, this is only a small part of the problems that can occur in any building. The best thing in this case is to start repairing the house from the roof, gradually continuing the reconstruction.


Some people think about completely re-planning the rooms in their home, if you decide to do so, it is better to think about it before starting to repair your home.

The second sign: 

If the sockets in the house fall and there is a bad electrical installation, or there are problems with the pipes, it is better to make repairs as well, you should not postpone it, it is better to do it now than to regret it later.

The third sign: 

If you are not satisfied with the design, or the layout of the house becomes uncomfortable for you and your family. It's not a matter of taste. The family may have grown considerably, or the needs of some of the members may have changed because of work or for any other reason. What is clear is that if something does not suit you and makes you uncomfortable on a day-to-day basis within your "fortress", then you should certainly proceed towards a comprehensive change. A home is a place where you feel comfortable and safe. There are many ideas you can be inspired by, and if you don't have a rich imagination, you can see the options for beautiful and functional interiors on the Internet.

The fourth sign: 

The external walls are full of cracks, joints, in some parts there have already been detachments and in general, it is dangerous. All this is formed due to the great age of the building and the more you let it go, the more you will have to spend on repairs, because sometimes problems with plaster, cracks and foundation defects can lead to undesirable accidents.

The fifth sign: 

Damp floors. Sometimes it happens that dampness appears on the walls, and we cover it with a coat of paint. Sometimes this dampness reaches the ceiling, and we think we can continue with a coat of paint. But if the dampness has caused damage to the floor... the problem is much more serious than we thought, and the time has come for professionals. It's time to put away the paint can and bet on a good reform, because we will have to find the origin of the humidity, isolate and reform, and it's not always easy.


The reform All at once or in phases?

Sometimes comprehensive reforms do not have to be done in the entire home. If you are a person with foresight, you can reform your home in phases. In this way it will be easier for you to face the reform, at least as far as the economic aspects are concerned. 

There are people who prefer to make a complete reform of the kitchen, and then, after a few years, make the reform of one of the bathrooms, and then the other. The inconvenience of doing it in this way is that you can have the feeling of having workers in the house many times, however, this will be for shorter periods of time than if you decide to reform the whole house, which also means paying a lot of money at once. In any case, each person or family must evaluate in what way they prefer to face the reforms of their home.

What is clear is that a house needs maintenance, and that without a doubt you are going to have to live, at the very least, an integral reform in your life, if what you want is to continue having quality of life for you and your family. So take it as an opportunity and start imagining how you can fit inside your house, the home of your dreams.

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