10 reasons to travel to Mexico after coronavirus

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If you are thinking of taking your first trip after the coronavirus, but don't know which country to choose, traveling through Mexico can be a very good option. Mexico is a real paradise, which besides being very cheap has a lot of variety of places to choose from.

Imagine drinking a margarita while enjoying the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, climbing dormant volcanoes or trekking through the jungle. Visit colonial cities or wrap yourself in the charm of magical Mexican towns. There is a little bit of everything in Mexico. You can even take advantage of a visit to the north of the country to go to a Los Algodones dentist. Los Algodones Dental has great specialists recognized worldwide and at really competitive prices. Definitely, if you travel to Mexico you will return home with your best smile.


After a 100 day route through Mexico , here is a summary of all the good and bad things that happened on the trip. Of course the good things won. Mexico is an ideal country for a long term trip, you won't get bored spending so much time in this beautiful country!


Here are 10 reasons to travel around Mexico 

 1. Lots of variety

Traveling in Mexico is like traveling through different countries. You find everything: charming villages, modern cities, forests and jungles, paradisiacal beaches, impressive waterfalls, turquoise waters and much more.


There are regions in Mexico that are ideal for ecotourism, such as the state of Chiapas. There are areas to visit archeological sites such as Campeche and Yucatan. You can visit the colonial cities in the center of the country. Or enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean in the Yucatan Peninsula.


If you want something more hippie we recommend the coast of Oaxaca or the state of Nayarit. Two of the favorite destinations for surfers. Relax on the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean or bring out your explorer side by going deep into its jungles.


2. Traveling in Mexico can be very cheap 

You don't need to spend much to travel in Mexico. In 100 days through Mexico the budget was 20 Euros per person per day (approximately $450 MXN), without any deprivation.

The key is to have a financial plan that includes a savings plan, a money management plan and a Travel Hacking strategy to use your money wisely.


As in all countries it is possible to find hostels or low budget accommodation, and for food it is advisable to eat in the markets or street vendors. It's amazing how well you can eat for just a couple of euros.




3. You'll love the food

Many foreigners are afraid of getting sick from street food or not being able to enjoy the food because of the spice. To begin with, not all food is spicy in Mexico. The sauces always go on the side. So don't worry, you can always order your food without chili.


Second, while it's true that you can get sick from eating street food, you can't pass up the opportunity to eat at these stands! Traveling through Mexico without eating some street tacos is like not coming here at all.


It's all common sense, so if a stand doesn't inspire you with confidence or you find it too shabby, don't eat there.


There are many other stalls and markets where you will find delicious food in good hygienic conditions. We ate wonderfully even a couple of times for only 1 euro. Tacos, tamales, tortas, pozole, broths, soups, tostadas... you have to try everything!


4. People are very friendly

The hospitality of the Mexicans is impressive. Not only the people dedicated to hospitality, but all those you meet on your trip. From the bus driver who welcomes you with a smile to the person who gives you directions when you are lost.


As a curiosity, in Hidalgo a retired couple invited us to dinner just for the fact of having accompanied them so they wouldn't eat alone and in Queretaro some young people gave us their bus card and gave us a ride home.


Although you can get a few unpleasant people. In Guadalajara a waiter spoke to us rudely, but it was only one case in comparison to the many other people who treated us wonderfully.


5. Language is fun

Even if you speak Spanish, you will see that in Mexico there are other ways to express things.


You will notice the different accents and tunes between the north and south of Mexico. You'll hear some speaking more chanted and others more beaten'.


As is often the case throughout Latin America, each country says things in a certain way. It's very funny to discover how they invent different names for the same thing in different ways.


In Mexico you will not only learn Mexican Spanish, but you will also learn indigenous words or discover the true origin of them.

Nahuatl avocado, ahuacatl. Nahuatl chocolate, chocolatl Tomato from Nahuatl, tomatl which means "fat water". I bet you didn't know that?


You will have to meet a Mexican if you want to understand his famous phrases. And don't be surprised if you get stuck with his accent or end up telling everyone wey.


6. It's easy to get around Mexico

Public transportation in Mexico is an adventure. Try to pay the driver your fare while the bus is in motion and try to hold on where you can. In many places there are no official stops or schedules. Just stand where you see a small group of people and ask if the "bus" route passes by that place. By asking, you are sure to get where you want to go.


With only a few pesos you can move by minivan or bus to almost anywhere. Just don't expect them to have fixed stops on the fixed route. Most of the time you will have to yell "Get off at the corner!" to be dropped off where you are waiting.


7. You will enjoy the weather

In the center of the country the climate is temperate, nothing that a good denim jacket does not cover. You can enjoy the sun on the beaches and walk near the sea in the middle of November and December


The only place where it was colder was in the Nevado de Toluca. We made a trip to more than 4,680 meters of altitude and it was logical that it was cold. Luckily, we were wearing a mini cold jacket that we got from the Decathlon. As always that sports store, saving world travelers. If you're thinking of getting away from the cold, traveling through Mexico is a good option. 


8. You will live the best parties

Mexicans really know how to have fun and you will see how you will make friends everywhere. They are very nice people and most of the time they are in a very good mood, but when they are partying we talk about another level.


Enjoy a good tequila, have fun drinking mezcal and try their Mexican beer. Maybe you are not such a fan of tequila because the tequila they usually sell abroad is not very good. But when you travel to Mexico you will love it. Don't forget to try their famous pulque, a traditional Mexican fermented drink whose origin is pre-Hispanic.


Musically speaking Mexico has variety for all ears, although mariachi, banda, grupera, corridos, cumbia and ranchera are the most popular musical genres. You will see how even on public transportation they will have the music at full volume to liven up your trip.


9. It's safe to travel in Mexico

That's right, although Mexico has enjoyed a bad reputation for drugs and crime, Mexico is a relatively safe country for tourists. It is true that assaults or petty theft can occur, but no city is exempt from this. Statistically speaking, Mexico City is safer than cities like New York.


Mexico is one of the 10 most visited countries in the world. Although there are certain areas that are more unsafe than others, you should avoid these hot spots along the way. Either way, on any trip you make you will use common sense.


Avoid attracting attention by wearing jewelry or expensive items, take care of your belongings from pickpockets, don't carry too much cash. These tips not only apply to travel in Mexico, but all over the world.


10. Mexico will be like your second home

The foreigners feel at home and the Mexicans themselves enjoy the warmth of its people. We receive a lot of love and affection from the people and we will always be grateful for that. Many people even offered us free accommodation and some gave us food when they heard about our trip through Couchsurfing.


Mexicans will know how to win a place in your heart and this will make your trip through Mexico unforgettable. We assure you that in the end you will not want to leave this beautiful country.


Don't doubt it anymore and travel through Mexico. We assure you that you will not regret it.

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