Benefits of leaving your car in the shop

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It's hard to think that you can do without it. Today, moving by car is practically a daily gesture. It is used to go to the office, to do the shopping, to move around on the weekends, sometimes even to move a few hundred meters. However, the idea of forgetting your vehicle for a few days and leaving it in the mechanic's shop in Maçanet de la Selva In spanish: taller mecánico en Maçanet de la Selva) where they will do a complete vehicle check-up (revisión de vehículo), could have several positive effects on the quality of your life. Don't you think so?

You can move on foot


Stopping using the car means first of all getting back on the road, perhaps using public transport to cover important distances, but in any case it is a physical activity that for car addicts is considerably reduced. Moving on foot allows us to have a greater contact with everything around us: the life of the neighborhood, the shopkeeper under the house, the bakery that we find on the way to the office. All this is lost if we get into the habit of taking the car as soon as we leave home.


You prefer the bicycle


It was there, abandoned in the back of the garage, with flat tires. Removing the use of the bicycle is something that has to be done because not only does it allow you to move around the city quickly (skipping all the lines), but it also has the power to take you back in time, when even without a license, you only had your beloved bicycle. join friends or go to school.


Stores are better than malls


With the car in the Maçanet de la Selva workshop you will hardly get to a shopping center, unless you move around in some public transport. In fact, shopping centers usually emerge a few kilometers from the inhabited center. Nothing to worry about because from today, having abandoned your car in the garage, you can rediscover the pleasure of the old stores and stores of your neighborhood : from the historic greengrocer's to the shoemaker's, from the bar on the first floor to the baker's who, at your request, will prevent your bread from leaving too.


Save gasoline costs


No cars, no gas. Savings are guaranteed. Besides, moving around the city means staying at the traffic lights for a long time, continuing to stop and starting again, in short, it is not exactly the ideal condition to limit consumption .


Avoid queues at traffic lights


Until they invent a car like Professor Pat Pending's multipurpose car (from the hit cartoon series Wacky Races ), motorists will be forced to line up in traffic. Not to mention rush hour, rainy days and the dangerous habit of driving a smartphone behind the wheel, when traffic congestion completely blocks the roads.


Reduce your stress


Wait until the traffic light turns green, make sure that those in front of you put the arrow up, avoid some inattentive pedestrians: on the road you are never alone and getting behind the wheel means that you have to be careful with everything that happens around you. An activity that is not at all pleasant, but stressful! Instead, as you walk, you will reduce stress, exercise and carry precious endorphins.


No to air pollution!


If you leave your car in your garage, you certainly won't contribute to air pollution from car exhaust. If everyone behaved in the same way, perhaps the major Italian cities, and not only, would not be so polluted and we would not be reduced periodically to drastic emergency measures to improve air quality.


To appreciate the seasons


Walking in the rain, listening to the whisper of fallen leaves, breathing the spring breeze ... Only walking (or cycling) through the city you can fully appreciate the characteristics of each season. Even in winter, when the tendency is to lock yourself in the house because of the cold, it is pleasant to walk outdoors : just cover yourself properly and take advantage of the daylight hours when possible !

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