Story behind the sneaker king-the Nike Air Jordan

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Similar to the famous basketball player, the Nike Air Jordan has also caught a lot of attention since it was released. Now it can be the sneaker king, but do you know the story behind that? Let Shopgiayreplica read more about this fun story


The Nike Air Jordan line is undoubtedly the very first signature shoe for one of the greatest basketball players of all time. This is also the sneaker that can connect generations. Even though the first Jordan was released 35 years ago, it is still popular today, especially after the return of MJ in The Last Dance. In this article, we will learn more about the story of the iconic sneakers.

Over the last 35 years, there have been different versions of the Nike Air Jordan sneakers produced. When you look at the history of the Jordan line, you will be amazed at how it dominated the market. Even though MJ had retired for a long time, new models have still been embraced by basketball and sneaker fans.

It is interesting that every pair of the Nike Air Jordan shoes has a story. For example, the Bred colorway was dedicated for young players and it was also the pair of shoes that turned MJ into a marketing icon.


The sneakers became popular thanks to MJ

The designer modeled the Shattered Backboards after the uniform that MJ wore during a 1985 Italian exhibition game. The Barons was created to remind us about the first retirement of the basketball superstar and so on.

MJ announced his retirement in 1993 and played baseball afterwards. Basketball fans might have thought that was the end of the Nike Air Jordans, however, in 1994, Nike made everyone shocked by re-releasing pairs of Air Jordans. Nobody seemed to care about it at first when Nike made the famous Bred and Chicago sneakers available for people to buy for the very first time since 1986 for its 10th anniversary.

However, it came out with the $80 price tag which was too high for an old pair of shoes at the time. Besides, Jordan wasn’t playing basketball and there were plenty of options in the market for customers. Therefore, the retailers had no other choice than reducing the price. Finally they were sold at $19.99 at Shopgiayreplica located 161 Chua Lang, Hanoi. The best shop provided a wide range of Nike Jordan. Buy here at

Of course you can’t pay for the pair with that price anymore nowadays. Surprisingly, when the original Jordan 1 was released again in 2019, and the demand for it was much higher, even compared to its release 35 years ago. Part of it might be because of the Last Dance series.

But why exactly did it become such a desired sneaker? The main reason might be because it tells the stories that build the myth of Michael Jordan.


The Jordans have exciting stories

The way Nike introduced the story of the legendary was outstanding. Although MJ wasn’t the first player to receive his own sneaker, he successfully made a revolution and reputation.

In 1984, Nike was losing the market to Reebok and they needed something different, new and successful. It was a tough year for them until they signed Michael Jordan and made the most lucrative deal of all time. At the beginning, it was a risk as they signed the unproven player with the $2.5 million contract. Fortunately, it turned out to be a successful deal as MJ became an All-Star, a Rookie of the Year, and an outstanding player. But it was not just because of MJ, the designer actually made the sneakers to be a worthy investment for users as he included high-cut and premium leather. The design of the Nike Air Jordans was different to any basketball shoes at the time. That’s one of the reasons why it became so unique.

There are other signature shoes before the Nike Air Jordan, however, none of them caught so much attention like this one.

The Jordans are not only comfortable for the basketball court, but they are also fashionable, even until now. A lot of people knew Michael Jordan because of the Nike Air Jordan, but plenty of others knew the legend thanks to the outstanding sneakers.

Another interesting story about this pair of shoes is that in the first year, Nike had planned to sell 100,000 pairs. But they ended up selling 1.5 million within six weeks. There is no surprise to say that 1986 is the best year that Nike has had. And the Nike Air Jordan plays a huge part in that success. 

Not many people know that before the first Air Jordan was released, the NBA wanted to prohibit MJ from wearing them because they violated the dress code, which required at least 51 percent white. Of course he still wore them playing in the court and paid a fine each time he did that. As you can imagine, the $5,000 fine is nothing compared to the shocking profit that the shoes brought to the company. More importantly, Nike found out a valuable asset.

In 2020, the Nike Air Jordan is a trending sneaker for any fans in the world and Vietnam has a huge amount of fan sneakers from Nike brand especially Nike Jordan. There is a good shoe shop named Khogiaythethao providing good quality shoes and excellent services.

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