How to watch Youtube videos from VLC

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YouTube has the largest collection of videos that we can find on the Internet. If you are looking for something there will probably be a YouTube video that answers all your questions. But YouTube also has its flaws: some videos are saturated with advertising, and features like autoplay sometimes make us stay hooked on the screen longer than desired. Something that we can easily solve by resorting to programs like VLC.

VLC is a very versatile multimedia player. On previous occasions, we have explained how to play IPTV lists in VLC or how to extract the audio from any video easily. But in this tutorial, however, we are going to focus on another of its great features: the ability to view YouTube videos directly from the player. Let's see how it works!

How to Play YouTube Videos from VLC

Other advantages that VLC offers is that we can adjust the size of the videos to our liking, in addition to being able to retouch the audio and video effects (something that the platform does not yet offer today) and even add a subtitle file personalized.

If you want to watch one or more YouTube videos calmly and without distractions, leaving aside all the channels recommended by the platform, all the comments that flood each of your videos and other distracting elements, try the following:

  • Open your browser and load the YouTube video you want to watch.
  • Copy the URL of the video. It should be formatted.
  • Now open VLC.
  • Click on " Media -> Open Network Location ".
  • In the "Enter a URL" field, paste the address of the video you just copied and hit the " Play " button.

If we activate the "Show more options" box, the application will allow us to make other adjustments, such as the duration of the cache or the start and end time of the video. Also you can learn Youtube com Activate.

Besides this, we can also load the videos by dragging the URL directly from the browser to the player or by pressing the "Control + C" keys in the direction of the video and pasting it in VLC by pressing "Control + V".

Alternative # 2: Install YouTube extension for VLC

Google is always tweaking the YouTube algorithm to prevent third-party applications from accessing the platform's video repository. Therefore, if the method we have just explained does not work, we can also try installing the YouTube extension for VLC (which is usually more effective).

  • Load the following address in your browser: (or save it on your computer by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save link as").
  • Copy all the code into a notepad and save the file with the name " youtube.luac ".
  • Copy and paste the file in the following path (Windows): C / Program Files (x86) / VideoLAN / VLC / lua / playlist
  • If you have a macOS computer the path is: /Applications/
  • If you have a Linux system: / usr / lib / vlc / lua / playlist /

Important: The system may ask you for administrator permissions to paste the youtube.luac file in the VLC folder. Keep this in mind, since otherwise it may not let you move the file we just downloaded.

Configuration options

VLC offers several configuration options so that we can view the streaming videos to our liking:

  • In VLC navigate to " Tools -> Preferences ".
  • In the top menu select " Input / Codecs ".
  • In the field " Video quality post-processing level " we can modify the values ​​from 0 to 6 to improve the quality of reproduction. 0 = post-processing disabled, 6 = maximum post-processing. A higher level of post-processing requires higher CPU consumption.

And that's all! For any questions or queries, as always, do not hesitate to go through the comments area. We read in the next post!

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