The Importance of Testing Candidates for Your Job Opening

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When looking for the best talent for your company, CV’s and interviews may not provide reliable information to make a successful hire. Besides, some candidates may provide misleading and inaccurate information in the CVs and face-to-face interviews, looking to make an impression. This is why you should conduct pre-employment testing to ascertain the qualities of potential candidates.

What are Pre-Employment Tests?

A pre-employment assessment is an effective and objective way of predicting candidates’ job performance and role fit. It involves the use of tests and questionnaires to evaluate the applicants’ abilities on a wide array of aspects, including critical thinking, personality, cognitive ability, preference, motivation, and many other factors.

The assessments involve the use of well-designed and scientifically approved tests that are reliable and objective in assessing the candidate. The tests provide concrete and standardized results on all applicants. Due to this, recruiters should take advantage of these tests to make informed and defensible hiring decisions. Below are the reasons why both large and small businesses should test candidates before hiring.

  1. Increased Productivity

Professionally designed and validated pre-employment tests can provide an accurate prediction of employee’s productivity. They are a good way of predicting performance as they can objectively evaluate the ability of the candidate based on knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the assigned task.

  1. Provides Objective Data

Making hiring decisions based on objective data is a recipe for a successful hire. Pre-employment tests provide standardized and useful insights about the candidate, predict potential performance, and company fit. Using data derived from the tests makes it possible to identify the right candidate, improves overall productivity and effectiveness to the team. Unlike CVs and interviews, pre-employment tests enable hiring managers to assess a wide array of applicable skills and personality traits that will benefit the company.

  1. Increases Employee Retention

It is important for companies to retain talent just as hiring the right candidate is crucial. With pre-employment tests, hiring managers can screen candidates effectively for personality and aptitude, making it easy to determine if the candidate is likely to retain the role for long. To check if the candidate is a good fit for the position, several factors should be considered. Passion for learning, initiative, empathy, communication skills, honesty, curiosity, motivation, and critical thinking skills are just but a few to mention.

Employs who don’t fit the job description will underperform in their positions and productivity, thus will likely leave. Replacing a bad hire is expensive and time-consuming. Pre-employment tests and assessments are important to reduce frequent hiring and training costs. It provides data that will help recruiters find the right person for the position.

  1. Increases Legal Defensibility

When used correctly, pre-employment tests increase the legal defensibility of your recruitment process. The use of these tests should follow the same guidelines as other hiring methods, such as interviews and resumes. The tests are legal to use, provided they are job-related. Data derived from the tests provide important information that hiring managers can use to defend their hires if the process is put to question.

Final Thoughts

Pre-employment tests provide an additional layer of scrutiny that helps to recruit managers to make a good hire. The tests can be either general or customized to fit specific job descriptions. For senior positions, consider tests that assess an individual’s cognitive and personality traits. For low-level positions, use tests that evaluate timeliness, conscientiousness, and sociability.

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