Choosing New Wiper Blades For Your Car

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For efficient operation, the wiper blades must be replaced at least once a year - and more often if they show signs of wear. Frost, sunlight and road spraying together damage and strengthen rubber blades and corrosion metal wiper parts.

When replacing the cleaner, you need to make sure that you have got the right size. However, did you know that you have many options when choosing new winter wiper blades?

Spare rubber spatula

If the metal parts of the wiper kit are not damaged, it is often possible to replace the rubber blade if a suitable replacement can be found. Remove the existing blade, usually by folding a small locking flange and pulling the blade out. The spare rubber can be cut to size and then slipped into place.

This is a cheaper option if your blades are compatible, but wiper arm components or damaged metal wiper mounts mean you will need to change your entire blade set regularly.

Standard or OEM wiper blade

The standard winter wiper blades on most cars has a metal frame that allows for curved screens. They are readily available from many types of manufacturers, although most vehicles carry the manual Bosch or Valeo brand. New blades are often installed with accessories, and replacing blades usually involves removing the old blade set from the wiper arm, choosing the right mount, and mounting the new wiper blade by hand.

Screws with wiper blades

The driver's side wing is dedicated to quite a number of vehicles, as the wing holds the blade to the screen at high speed, providing improved scanning performance. If you find that your current blades do not effectively wipe the windshield at high speeds, consider choosing the same size with an optional spoiler.

Some blades have two removable spoilers, but most brands have a spoiler integrated with the blade kit.

Flat beams personal

Now fitted as an original device to some cars, flat light blades such as the Bosch Erotwin are the next generation of wipers. Without a metal frame, the spine is designed to protect the screen firmly inside the spine while allowing it to bend slightly.

It is now available as an upgrade option to fit most vehicles, and the flat winter wiper blades will fit most wiper levers. The installation is similar to standard blades, but they often need to be grilled by hand to ensure that they are attached to the screen at all points.

Because they are very flat and have an aerodynamic shape, the flat beam blades do not require additional spoilers to ensure efficient cleaning at all speeds.

Specialty and rear wiper blade

Quite a few car models now use special blades, especially curved blades for the rear windows. Unfortunately, you often don't have the option to choose original manufacturers, which can be quite expensive, but you can shop instead of buying them from your local main distributor, as you can usually find a lot online or at a specialist retailer. You can get a lower price.

Lamp location

Some cars, such as Volvo, have had wiper blades on their headlights for decades. When worn, the metal wiper lever may come into contact with the headlight lenses. In extreme cases, this can cause MET failure, as it can disrupt the light pattern of the headlights.

Although headlight wipers are not part of the MOT, they should be inspected as part of normal service and replaced when they show signs of wear.

Save money on new wiper blades

If you want to replace the wiper blade, it is worth shopping. By replacing yourself (a five-minute job that usually doesn't require any equipment), you can often save a lot less than taking it to a garage or dealer. You can save money by shopping around, and you'll get more options in the blade types you choose. For a full set of front and rear winter wiper blades and headlights available for next day delivery, see Autobulbs Direct.

Wiper blades that are worn or damaged in light rain can limit vision and interfere with the ability to respond to a sudden emergency, even while driving suddenly. During a sudden fall or while bathing at night, poor eyesight can drive the driver tired and double the chance of an accident. But if you haven't replaced the damaged wiper blades yet, the next time you visit your local tire dealer, you can do so quickly, cheaply and easily.

How do you know when to replace the wiper blades? If your car, truck or SUV has an automatic washer / cleaner option, activate it. The system will spray the washer fluid on the windshield and the wiper blade will wipe slightly. If you notice streaks, smudges, or areas that haven't dried, it's time to replace the wiper blade.

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