Financial Freedom When Dating An Expat

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This past weekend I attend a workshop called the Millionaire Mind in NJ. The founder is T. Harv Eker who is a best selling author. If you want to be Financially Free it is well worth the time and effort. But, here is what you really need to know. Along with ways to manage your money it is all about selling other trainings classes. So you have to be able to tune out the selling part and focus on the tools that T. Harv Eker gives you to manage your money and invest for your future. If you want
financial freedom he is the man to learn a lot from.

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First Date Pressure

You can’t rush love especially when it comes to meeting someone from one of the internet dating sites. Trust me I understand how you can get your hopes up planning to meet someone. It is not healthy to put all your energy and hopes in a one hour date.

You really need to think of this as an adventure and take the chance on the chemistry just not being there. If you’re like me you know within 5 minutes if there is any chemistry or not. Then there are others who need a couple dates to know if this is Mr. or Miss Right.

There are so many lonely people who are looking for their soul mate. When you single focus on yourself and find what makes you happy. We can’t wait around for love to come a knocking at our door. Be happy and love will find you when you least expect it.

The bottom line is hopes and dreams are very important but we have to be open it. If you planning a date with someone new just go and see what you see or feel. Remember, as I keep saying a first date is a meet and greet.

Empowering Young Expat Women

I rather enjoy working with young expat women to feel confident and secure in who they are. We can all be mentors to the younger generations and give back. You remember how tough it was as a young expat women facing adulthood.

For me it is one of the best feelings in the world to help guide someone who appears lost and all alone with their thoughts and feelings. Most of the time we just need someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of. Sometimes you need someone other than a parent to provide feedback or just listen.

So ladies give back to the younger generations and feel the reward. I totally agree with your comments. Each of us need to remember the struggles that we went through. Maybe some of us never had a mentor to turn to for advice. Think of mentoring a young women as a chain reaction and how powerful it can be.

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