8 Popular Types of Vapers You Should Know About

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Do you know what type of vaper who you are? If no, don’t fret. We are here to explain to you eight popular types of vapers so that you would be able to know about your type. 

Vaping is a passion for those who are trying to quit smoking. Vapers are the ones who are in love with vapes and various kinds of devices. In this modern world, the types and qualities of vapes are increasing every day. Everyone is aware of the huge variety of vapes. But, when it comes to vapers, only a few of us are familiar with it.

So, let us tell you about eight popular types of vaper below:

Some Popular Stereotypical Vaper Types:

The vaper types vary according to the difference in behaviors and vape dosage. Hence, to get the best-quality vape pens and juices, you should go to a vape shop by looking for “vape shops near meLinks to an external site.”.

  1. Cloud Lover

For almost all vapers, vapor production is what matters a lot. A good vapor production makes these vapers fall in love with them. They love low-resistance coils and high watts devices.

Besides this, cloud lovers prefer using copper or brass instead of stainless steel because of high productivity.

  1. Flavor Chaser

The flavor chasers try experiencing new flavors every time they vape. They love having various THC vape juiceLinks to an external site. types with every vape because they are not happy with the same flavors for long. They usually enjoy sophisticated vaping with big flavors.

  1. Mod Snob

The mod snob often avoids China vapes and it is his hobby to share the latest and best vape juice story. However, they are old vapers.

  1. Tough Vaper

A tough vaper can also be known as a hardcore vaper. Vaping is life for such vapers. You will see these intense vape lovers talking about their devices every time.

  1. The Quitter

Unlike the vape addicts, these vapers fall into the category of bad smokers. They try to quit smoking and vaping is just a turning point for them. Quitters don’t like to spend much in vaping because they are in the trial phase to leave smoking.

  1. Old Owl

Old owls are the ones doing vaping for years. They are a kind of expert in the vape community and help the newbies. Their advice and tips are extremely useful for beginners.

  1. Vape Ninja

These are the ninja-like people who vape everywhere and every time. Sometimes, they are so annoying for others, while they seem to be so confident and entertaining. Vape Ninjas even Thc Vape Cartridge around the places where they should not vape and that’s not cool.

  1. The Perfectionist

The vapers craving for perfection every time they vape are easy to notice. They want the best and most of the time they are unsatisfied with their vaping. They can criticize completely good things too. As well, they see everything wrong and are frustrating sometimes. Their hunt never ends for the perfect one.

The Final Words:

So, we are sure you have identified what type of vaper you are. Also, tell us by leaving a comment below in the comment section.


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