How Is Contemporary Art Changing in the COVID-19 Era?

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The COVID-19 outbreak has already changed the way we work and live our daily lives. The disease has affected every industry and sphere of human activity, and the art world is no exception. However, the art community is gradually learning to adapt to working remotely and to meet the coronavirus challenge by organizing various online art fairs, exhibitions, workshops, etc.

How have artists and art businesses managed to shift the professional landscape around them? Despite the high level of loss from sales, canceled workshops, and postponed openings, they keep fighting the good fight against all odds and have already started innovating and moving online.

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For better understanding, here you have some information on how contemporary art is changing in the COVID-19 era.

How is contemporary art changing in the COVID-19 era?

Digital presence

As it has been already said, despite the canceled art shows, workshops, events, exhibitions, and art training courses, people related to the art world do not give up and try to take a positive approach to the current challenges. Moreover, gallery owners, artists, fine art shippers, art dealers, and various art businesses do their best to spend this tough period efficiently, helping and supporting each other as much as possible.

Over the last few years, people have learned to use various online tools for running their art businesses and sharing their art with the world. Today, it is the most appropriate time for tapping into the power of the Internet and making social connections to adapt to the changing environment. Many young artists now take their workshops online through websites, social media, and other online platforms. Established artists use this time to organize public groups where they share their works and experience. As a result, even in these hard times, art lovers can avoid feeling isolated and enjoy their favorite activities while staying at home.

Corona-inspired hashtags

Since auction houses, galleries, and museums are temporarily closed, artists are looking for new ways to promote and sell their works. Hashtags are a good way to connect social media content to the actual topics, such as the coronavirus pandemic, and effectively draw attention to it. For that reason, hundreds of artists are using topical hashtags to offer their works for sale and promote work-in-progress images depicting their creative processes.

During the COVID-19 era, people have come up with a variety of interesting hashtags, such as #artinquarantine, #quarantineart, #artinthetimeofcorona, #isolationart, etc. It is particularly popular to post works of art with the hashtags #covidart and #covid19art since the disease has inspired many to create new artworks while being isolated.

Importance of art

In this time of the COVID-19 outbreak and self-isolation, the role of art has become even more important to our lives. Art gives us the chance to be more mobile, connecting us with the rest of the world in the most engaging and inspiring way possible. Art has the power of bringing people together. Art encourages awareness, masters social skills, boosts confidence, and lets our minds wander about something positive. Besides, studies have shown that art can strengthen learning, dispel anxiety, and help people relax and even go over emotional trauma. For that reason, art should be treated as a promoter of a healthier society in the intermediate and long term.

While some are mourning the loss of canceled fairs, exhibits, and shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic, others look at it as an opportunity to bring their art to a wider audience in a completely new way. Do not lose your spirit and accept this challenge with your head held high!

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