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Do you also recognize yourself as an entrepreneur? He struggles with the problem of actually concentrating on the core tasks of the company, but also knows that more needs to be done for continuity or growth. Your industry is growing, but your company is lagging behind. What do they do differently?

You find that your business is missing opportunities and should be more visible online. This, of course, with the right professional image, responsiveness and online presence for your target group! Professional internet agency all knowledge under one roof.

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Httpmarketing has been leading for 17 years, has proven top results and more than 250 satisfied customers world wide! Partly due to the personal care of all our customers and the realization of the goal. For further information please visit: https://www.httpmarketing.nlLinks to an external site.


The philosophy of Google in 2020 is clear: to provide the most relevant content through its search engine (content with authority!). Authority refers to the rating of visitors who have visited a website through the Google search engine. Incoming links from other sites are also considered recommendations and your site's reputation increases.


SEO stands for a collection of techniques for optimizing a website or Internet page for the organic searchability of search engines such as Google. With SEO you improve the searchability and visibility of your website for relevant searches in the unpaid results of search engines, also called organic search method or ranking. SEO means search engine optimization.

Always create a website for internet user ( your audience ), not just for search engines! This means for your target group concretely accessible and clear, including a clear structure and representation on desktop, but also on tablet and mobile. Writing good SEO texts is crucial for finding and appreciating visitors and benefith the user experience.

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Experienced SEO specialists specialize in all aspects of search engine optimization, on-page and off page techniques. The SEO specialist checks the website in advance and analyzes whether the basis of a website is correct. This component is also called On-Page Website Optimization. The SEO specialist then checks whether the website environment offers sufficient possibilities to implement SEO-relevant components.

In particular, remember to write the right text for each topic you want to draw attention to! Writing SEO texts is a skill and technique that requires experience to achieve maximum ranking and be friendly to visitors.


One factor that has a relatively strong influence on the findability / ranking of a page or website is the website authority. This is achieved by the fact that qualitative incoming links are also retrieved by other websites with high authorization.

These links are a signal for search engines that says something about the relevance of the page for the target group. A relevant and valuable page logically receives links from other websites more easily than a low-quality page.

The domain entitlement / reputation value cannot be considered independently of the technical environment of the website as well as the findability. How can you build a website reputation if you have no website visitors or cannot be found? A good start value is very important when applying SEO / search engine marketing.


Of course you want to seduce every visitor of your website to the next step. Very important is the conversion ratio, the ratio between visitors and the effective results. This can be purchase, sales, but also contact, registration or leads. Conversion optimization, also known as CRO, is a cyclic process with a collection of activities aimed at maximizing the number of conversions on a website or application.

The final step must be inviting and user-friendly. Don't ask a visitor for more information than is absolutely necessary

Always make sure that you can be reached and contacted easily, regardless of whether the specified opening hours of your company are adhered to. If applicable, clearly contact the right department or contact person for questions or orders etc

If there is an online payment option, there is a wide choice (Ideal, Paypall, Credit Card, etc.). As an experienced SEO agency, we offer free advice to businesses. Online marketing offers an incredible amount of opportunities to achieve your sales goals!

The top positions and the conversion of Google always go along with the ROI and aim for a return!


What are good backlinks? A good backlink has a good domain and website authority (DA / PA). This is not part of a website with hundreds of other Dofollow backlinks. Means low obl (outbound links). You get more Linkjuice value if the referring page contains fewer links.

Another important aspect is whether the website in question is popular and has many visitors and many inbound links. However, this alone is not enough to confirm quality and trustworthiness or the reference URL.

Qualitative links to your website is good for the following reasons: Google considers a valuable link as a recommendation especially links with a high reputation. Extra appreciation for links from .edu and .gov websites. These are reserved for governments and universities. Backlinks that are related to the content of the linked website as well as in the same language will be appreciated extra.

Main question: Where do these links come from? Sites with the same topics and relevant content or just spam sites? In other words, what is the percentage relationship between all these links? The strength of a backlink is strongly determined by the relationship to the topic(s) of both sites.

It is indisputably necessary to publish relevant content and anchor descriptions for each post. Make the article attractive to the visitor and not just create text content for search engines.

Introduction all secrets about off page seo and there metrics. Httpmarketing is a full Dutch Internet service provider in Holland with world wide reputation.

Qualitative links to your corporate website are excellent for the following reasons: Google regards a valuable link as a recommendation, especially links with a high reputation. Special appreciation for .EDU and .GOV websites. If both websites are language related, this means an additional appreciation and a positive advantage in the ranking results (position of the search engine ranking of the serps).

The domain rating factor is increased by the number of incoming links, but only counts one per site. This is why it is important to get many valuable links from different sites, not just a few.

The Moz domain authority score has a range of 0 to 100. This logarithmic score means, for example, that it is much easier to get a score from 20 to 30 than from 30 to 40 etc. Below we show an arithmetical example of the value of the DA number! Example: DA 10 = √ 10(2.5*10) to DA 100 = √ 100(2.5*100)

Note! Google monitors visitor behavior and search log patterns, such as previously visited sites, topic settings, and so on. This is a factor that Google considers when users use Google search. Historical search behavior is included in search results.

Because this article only contains details about the relevance of a good backlink strategy to improving your website competency, this does not mean that the factors on the page are also important to get the best ranking results. Fast and responsive user-friendly website with accurate content and structure is only the basis for any SEO and to score in search engines!

Article December 2019 - Author Mathé Hoogeboom

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