Co2 Extraction and why it’s the best

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CO2 Extraction - What is it?

The process of CO2 extraction involves using pressurized carbon dioxide to take the required phytochemicals from a plant. When it comes to CBD this means pulling all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes from the plant matter. After the extraction process is finished there is an amber oil left over which can then be used in a multitude of ways.

Why do we use CO2?

CO2 is considered a “tunable solvent”, which means that is has variable properties which can be precisely controlled by the conditions imposed upon it. This makes it extremely versatile for creating a multitude of end products but most importantly for us, broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD.


The main reason that Wild Hemp uses CO2 is because it is a pure and clean quality oil that is safe to use with little post-processing. A lot more appealing than using toxic solvents. This is the kind of thing you as a consumer want your favourite brands to be using.


There are multiple industries that process using CO2 simply because it is, by far, the most efficient. CO2 is always very inexpensive which adds to its attraction for producers.


Going back to the idea of a tunable solvent it’s important not to underestimate this aspect of CO2. This is an invaluable ability when it’s necessary to separate constituents during the extraction process. Wild Hemp can target specific compounds, such as terpenes, and cannabinoids via different parameters.


CO2 also works as a sanitizing agent and can prolong the shelf life and create food and medical grade oils.


Benefits of CO2 Extraction

There are a lot of benefits to using Co2 extraction rather than another inferior method. The fact that it is so versatile is really only the tip of the iceberg.


Like we said above, the CO2 can work as a powerful sanitizing agent, so for the CBD made the benefits can be huge. Any microbial bacteria, insect mites, mold, or mildew can be completely killed off using CO2 extraction.


This guarantees that your CBD oil is not only the cleanest it can possibly be, but also a significantly healthier option for you.


On top of that, CO2 extracted oils are often much tastier than other extraction methods. Some use ethanol alcohol or butane for their oils but the results are far from pleasant.


CO2 Extraction - Conclusion

So if you need any more convincing it’s worth saying that the main reason Wild Hemp and others would choose CO2 extraction is simply because it’s better tasting, more efficient, and most importantly, safer. CBD created by this method has significantly less toxicity and is more aromatically pleasing.









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