Indonesia Summer: Living Indoors with Portable Mini Air conditioners

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Indonesia has a unique weather pattern. Unlike many other western parts of the world, it has a tropical climate with two seasons. There is the dry season and monsoon season, with the earlier being the hottest and longest period. However, temperatures are considerably higher, for the most part, the year, making the country always feel like summer despite having the two seasons.
Life indoors under extremely hot weather is harmful to your health and can cause major sickness and even fatalities, especially for the elderly. There is a need always to keep the house cool and your body temperatures within the required range of 35.5 to 37.5°C. You can get the best deal from VALUEQ Indonesia for a Portable Mini Air conditioner to help you stay comfortable indoors during the hot months.

On the VALUEQ site, you will get a variety of brands for this portable appliance such as Pendigin Ruangan, Samsung, and Bagi Bagi Gratis and at a very affordable price. Additionally, every purchase also gets you a chance to win a special gift.

Benefits of a mini portable AC
When one mentions having an air conditioner in their houses, the one thing that crosses their mind is the high cost of installation. Of course, there are the high-end ones that come with technical installation procedures for permanent fixing. They are also expensive and costly to maintain for a small unit house.
However, with the advancement in Indonesia technology, there are smaller units of air conditioners available for smaller households and rooms. Among these are the portable designs that come with very user-friendly features.
Indonesia's electrical equipment manufacturers are now producing Mini air conditioners. They are easy to carry from one room to the other and are not only economical but convenient to handle. With this design, it's possible to place the air conditioner at the most strategic location to have an immediate cooling effect. Additionally, one unit will be sufficient to serve all rooms when needed.
Noise reduction technology
Mini air conditioners come with a compact and electrical design featuring noise reduction technology. The smaller units tend to be calm with very minimal operating sound. They are hence very comfortable to use in the living room while watching your TV or in your bedroom too without disturbing your sleep.

Faster cooling
Portable coolers are smaller in size and with lower cooling capacity compared to a large window or wall mounted air conditioner. However, their design makes them very efficient in absorbing hot air and makes it cooler very quickly. The ease of positioning them towards your direction also makes them cool the air around you first before cooling the entire room.
Power saving
As noted, a portable AC is smaller in design and operating capacity. It is also economical in terms of area coverage, and you switch it on and off when need be. They also come with lower Watts. Cumulatively, these features result in higher power saving to ease your monthly energy bills while keeping you comfortable. Hence if you just moved to Indonesia, you will experience a lower cost of living both outdoors and indoors.
LED Night Light
Portable mini conditioners also come with a digital display with backlighting that illuminates at night. This affords you the luxury of operating the control panel under low light or darkness. No need to switch on the lights to adjust the cooling settings

Additional ways Indonesians keep it cool
Besides the use of cooling units, it is advisable to drink plenty of water in smaller quantities but often. Water is a natural coolant in human bodies and will lower your body temperatures from the inside while your mini AC does it from the outside. Avoiding taking toxic fluids and alcohol, and resting during hot hours and working more in morning hours also prevents dehydration.
In summary
Technology advancement in Asia and Indonesia as a country has made it possible for local citizens from all levels of the economy to have a comfortable lifestyle. Being a country that experiences high temperatures across the year, it is not possible to remain indoors without a cooling system. While large units are expensive and beyond the reach of many because of costs, companies have come up with smaller units for the lower class. Portable mini air conditioners available at are affordable, easy to operate, and efficient relative to the surface area.

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