The Difference between Colleges and Universities in the Uk

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Did you recognize that College and University aren't an equivalent within the UK? If you didn’t, don’t worry, we understand.

Actually, we’ve noticed there are many of us who find this difference pretty confusing, particularly US students where both terms are used interchangeably. Until now, at least, because during this article we’re getting to make this clear once and for all.


What’s the Difference between College and University within the UK?

One of the foremost intimidating things international students face far away from their house is their confusion a few foreign education system, its organization and its unique vocabulary. For a singular education system just like the one within the UK, such confusions are highly pronounced.


Before we get straight into our topic it's helpful to possess a basic understanding of the United Kingdom education system. This is often vital because imagine willing to urge a university degree within the UK and ending up with an extra education degree which provides you with a group of practical skills so as to seek out employment.


The whole education system within the UK is split into 5 major stages:


  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Secondary School
  • Further Education
  • Higher Education


University within the UK

The University within the UK may be a recognized educational organization that has the right of issuing education degrees. Typically, study programs at UK universities cause the subsequent degrees


  • Undergraduate degrees
  • Postgraduate Degrees


However, note that some universities within the UK run colleges that provide further education courses like foundation degrees to organize students to enter a daily university degree. A number of these colleges act as branch colleges of a bigger university body. Oxbridge universities are an example of this. Both universities have an in depth network of branch colleges in several locations.



College, in contrast to college, is an academic institution that gives further education courses resulting in specific degrees or qualifications. If you'd tell someone “I’m a university student within the UK” they might guess that you’re either attending a vocational course or learning to urge A-Levels to enter university afterward.


College qualifications within the UK include the followings:


  • Diploma
  • Foundation Degrees
  • General Certificate of education GCSE
  • Higher National Certificate HNC
  • Higher National Diploma HND
  • International Baccalaureate


College courses within the UK are designed to show students to succeed in a particular level of skills and knowledge during a particular field of interest which makes them ready to get employment or gain academic preparation to enter university. For example, LWCUKLinks to an external site. in the UK is a very well-known college in London that has a very high number of qualified professors to teach their students.


In contrast to the university which tends to be equally focused in practice and theory, college courses within the UK pay more attention to supply you with more practical skills. That’s mainly because most students within the UK choose the school to become employable during a short time.

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