Why Does my Dog Play with His Food?

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aa.pngDogs play with food because of a habit, enjoyment, boredom, or lack of exercise. Another behavior is rolling their food before eating during meal times.

When the dog sees feeding time as a form of social activity and not a meaningful ritual, then setting guidelines when giving a meal should be within particular structures. For more pet help guide you can visit hetoq.comLinks to an external site..

Here are some of the reasons dogs play with food alongside some remedies

1.      Anxiety

A dog will play with its food when anxiety sets in. In as much as food and water are two lifelines in a dog’s diet, an anxious dog will start playing instead of eating. Serve the food in a secure and set space in the house.

The feeding routine should be deliberate, a regular time set for feeding, introduce a morning run, and playing activities.

2.      Failure to Have a Regular Feeding Time

Getting a dog that eats on set guidelines is not easy unless you start train feeding time every day. You can make it once or twice a day to enforce the ritual of mealtime. Do this several times, and the dogs will adopt to it

3.      Avoid Playing When Feeding

The easiest way of making sure that the dog does not play when feeding is to limit the daily treats. Make use of new toys that cannot count as food such as ropes and hard rubber play tools. It is best to avoid stuffing food inside toys.


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4.      Lack of Exercise

Poor or lack of exercise can prompt your dog to play with her food. In the wild, dogs chase prey while hunting to secure their meal while you fail to exercise your dog during playtime.

Practice long walks and high-intensity games to help your dog get physically and mentally active. Change of environment also exercises their sense of smell and marking new routes while on a walk. The most common exercise of chasing a ball mimics the dog chasing prey to get something to eat.

5.      There is No Leader in a Pack

Failing to be a leader to your dog will make her feel so when playing with food. Re-establish the pecking order by spending time with your pet and remind her of the physical and social interaction to ease up on their building anxiety.

Claiming back the lost respect means giving the dog undivided attention that increases time for bonding. Once the dog sees you as a protector, it will start following your direction.




Every dog behaves differently, and more is evident during mealtime. The best way to break the idea of your pet juggling with food is to set up a pattern with specific meal times at a specific place. Separate other physical activities such as playing and showing love to the animal by conducting them at different times and possibly areas.

Learn to separate treats from toys, and they should be far apart from feeding times to create a clear timeline in your dog’s head. When you spot your dog play with his food, you can note from the reasons given and look for the best way to solve its particular problem.






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