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ELIJAH SOMMERZ is a Famous Canadian entrepreneur and upcoming rapper who achieved a great deal of recognition for being an entrepreneurship figure and also his social justice advocacy for Canadian youth, also to add Elijah Sommerz is the First Afrocentric Canadian Elected to independently conduct a convocation with the United Nations Group Experts on the underlying constitutionality within the corrections & competition Acts.


 Facts About his personal life

Elijah sommerz was a random victim of gun violence in late 2011 his brother/ confidant Nigel Caine where both fatally shot on the night of October 21, 2011.

MR Robert Elijah sommerz Vernon sustained a bullet to his left Capitulm, he later recovered from his injuries in hospital his brother/ confidant Nigel Caine was pronounced dead at the scene.

Elijah sommerz was born in Toronto, Ontario on the 22nd of December, 1991. His parents Split up when he was only 2 years old, for reasons pertaining to Deborah Vernon Elijah sommerz mothers drug addiction, because of this he was in the care of children's aid society. He was later fostered by his biological grandfather & grandmother in Toronto, & Neighboring city Mississauga.




Here are some quick fun facts about Elijah Sommerz …

Fun Fact # 1

Elijah sommerz lives off vegan rituals he use organic soaps to shower with, he also exercise use organic eating unitises

Fun Fact # 2

Elijah sommerz believes in advocacy for women's social sanctioning for Afrocentric women's activism.

Fun Fact # 3

Elijah sommerz is the first independent celebrity to found a sports sponsorships divisions for young talented athletes in North America beside hip-hop/pop mogul Aubrey drake graham.

Facts about Elijah sommerz career

Elijah sommerz is a Full-Time Real Estate Portfolio location Investment Investor and Entrepreneur & businessman as well as an inspiring musician & Talent Manager.

Below will be an overview of Elijah sommerz ventures:

J stone management group & co is a Record Label & Talent Agency with publishing division worldwide, J stone Management group is a subsidiary management label for indie and major labels and or artist it also acts as an affiliate management to major labels and brand sponsorships, J stone Management Group & CO is a brother company with Major Media streaming Corporation WWETV – World Wide Entertainment Tv.

Founded in 2016 JSMG THE LABEL – J STONE MANAGEMENT GROUP & CO is founded by Swedish Investors and private angel Investors from Sweden with major supports, j stone management group & co is also representing sports scouting agency that scouts sport talents for college students and underprivileged youth across All of North America.

 The Talent Agency provides a publishing & development Platform with Tour Supports for indie artists and major artists globally. NETWORTH: JSMG –STOCKS - IPO: NYSE:CHWY- (CAD) 3,600,000(=~) EQT GROUP 2.2= MILLION (-1.49%)-SHARES (CAD) = TOTAL 5,000,000 – Approx.)


-Publishing Divisions -) ATL, NEW YORK, UNITED-KINGDOM

Date launched : September 15, 2016- SWEDEN

Created by:  - (Vice President – MR Vladislav Preobrazhensky. SR –VP MS Izabella, CO FounderSR- BOARD & TALENT DIRECTOR MR Robert Elijah Sommerz Vernon)

Musical Genres: Hip Hop Music & POP, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Gospel music


Elijah sommerz newest venture:

 Le Rues Chaitner & Co, was formed in 2013, known as an Toronto-Based independent Real Estate Portfolio location Investors group is dedicated to providing global real estate location investors with smart imminent of generational  fixed-income solutions for a low or rising interest rate environment for proposals and initiative gentrification development proposals . Le Rues Chaitner & Co, currently manages millions of investor assets across various hedge fund and mutual fund mandates internationally.

0verview on

 Le Rues Chaitner & Co

Le Rues Chaitner & Co is one of the world's leading private investment for private assets, investment portfolio solutions, Real Estate portfolio location Investments, We build long-term and trusted relationships with our clients globally.

Website: www.lerueschaitner.comLinks to an external site.

Headquarters Toronto, ON

Size 1 to 50 employees

Founded:  Unknown

Type Company - Private

Industry Unknown




Here is a Bonus for our readers:

Elijah sommerz is an Acclaimed Canadian Entrepreneur and Businessman that  is the head Talent Director of j stone Management group & co since 2016 –present Mr. Robert Vernon  also known as Elijah Sommerz. Is currently the vice-chairman of an online streaming corporation called Worldwide Entertainment TV.

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