Stop Using These SEO Tactics Today

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There are tons of SEO tactics that have died without the knowledge of less-experienced online business owners. Besides relying on paid search services, it is important that we all learn what SEO tactics currently work and which ones do not. Using a dead SEO tactic could be extremely damaging to your website ranking.

Today, I’m going to tell you about three dead SEO tactics that are still in use by some people. If you are using any of the following tactics, stop using them right away!

#1 – Duplicate Content Strategy

In the past, creating a number of websites with very similar content was actually quite a strong strategy. Google didn’t pick up on the similarities when those sites were owned by the same person.

Today, however, every page needs to be almost entirely different or else Google will regard it as plagiarism. Aside from the first page, every other duplicate page you build will get penalized and build no traffic or ranking at all.

#2 – Fluff Content Writing

Fluff content is as equally dead and continues to grow weaker as 2020 gets closer. Fluff content involves generating weak or uninteresting content for the sake of backlinks and keywords.

Unfortunately, if your content is found to have little use or meaning, Google’s algorithm won’t rank it very well anyway. This factor causes the tactic to be useless in today’s online environment.

#3 – Keyword Stuffing

Keyword density is a large factor in SEO now. In the past, you could pack as many keywords as you wanted into a single page and they would all get ranked evenly. Now, Google regards keyword stuffing as malicious and tends to blacklist websites that do it.

Your keyword density should be no more than 1-2% of the total content. Any more than this is dangerous.

If you find yourself still using any of these outdated SEO tactics, stop using them right away! There are still plenty of active SEO tactics to choose from so get into the know now! You can find out more at UPtimiser.

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