Using B2B data to increase email marketing success

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There are many benefits to carrying out email marketing to generate more business. One of the ways is choosing the best B2B data to reach the best and most relevant contacts with a genuine interest in your products and services. Business to business (B2B) marketing often has further complications and challenges than business to consumer (B2C) marketing. So, how can you give your business marketing campaigns that additional boost?

Benefits of email marketing

To begin with, email marketing is very cost-effective. You can send out a high volume of emails in a short time, or stagger your campaign to manage the response. For the price of the whitelisted email platform and the quantity of emails you can send out – you will quickly realise when comparing email marketing to telemarketing and direct mail, it is much more cost-effective.

When sending out your campaign, you need a list of contacts which you can send the email out to. Usually, the information in your list consists of a name and an email address. This is where B2B data really steps in and enhances your campaign. Often, companies send out their marketing campaigns to existing contact details which they have on file. These contact details are usually gathered from people signing up to their platforms, previous enquiries and past purchases. A lot of people do not realise the true potential of their marketing reach if they consider the audience they could begin targeting, should they source further B2B data.

Targeting a wider audience

To begin targeting a wider audience, you need to find your perfect target market. To start with, consider the locations of where your ideal customers are based. Your product or service may limit this. It may not be feasible for you to travel across the country to carry out your services; therefore, targeting more locally would be more logical and profitable for your business. You may deliver your product all over the country, using couriers; therefore, you can target nationwide to have the maximum marketing reach. A benefit of email marketing is that there is no additional cost for targeting people based on their location, whereas, postal marketing, depending on the size of your mail, could vary.

It is also essential to consider the contact at the company who you are looking to target. Targeting specific job roles is vital for your campaigns as different job roles will require solutions to various problems. Therefore, carefully think who needs your product.

Another factor which is essential to consider is the size of the businesses you are looking to target. Software solutions which start as a package for a minimum of 10 users will not be beneficial for smaller companies, for example, with five employees. This isn’t an efficient solution for the business. Consider the appropriate sizing for your products and services; this will help you receive a greater return on your investment.

The importance of accurate personal B2B email addresses

As you now know, email marketing is a very effective method to generate more enquiries and sales for your business. When finding your B2B data, it should be your priority to find the most accurate B2B data available. This is because data can age fast. It is common practice for data companies to only refresh their data every 3 to 6 months. Whereas, we only supply data with an age of 2 to 3 days. This is because all of our data is validated at the point of order to ensure optimum accuracy. If you tried emailing a contact that left the business three months ago, no one is going to read the email. It is highly unlikely that the email will get forwarded on to the next best contact. If this did get forwarded on, the new recipient would likely take no notice due to you marketing to old contacts; you may not seem trusted.

When running your B2B data campaigns, personal contact details enable you to get through to the right contact. At Business Data Prospects, we only provide personal named B2B contact information, meaning you can reach your prospects via their B2B email addresses. This is much more effective than trying to reach your contacts via generic email addresses, such as hello and info at email addresses. With personal B2B email addresses, you reach the inbox of your prospect, giving your campaign the best chance of a high response. Not only does this reach the intended contact, but you can also personalise the email, including their name, which will be appreciated by the recipient as it looks like more time and effort has been put into the email. This increases the chance that the recipient will follow up on your email, either by replying or following your call to actions (CTAs).

Now you have a better idea of increasing the success of your email marketing campaigns with B2B data, why not expand the reach of your campaigns with fresh and accurate B2B data today?

We offer same-day data counts and quotes and can supply you B2B data list with 24 to 48 hours from the point of order. Our streamlines service enables you to spend less time worrying about your data and spending more time on other business activities.

Please get in contact to see how we can give your campaign an extra push and see your response rates rocket.

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