CBD Pre-rolls: What is it?

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Nowadays, there seems to be no shortage in different types of CBD products.  You have your oils and edibles that you ingest and swallow.  You have your topicals and creams that you apply over your body for aches and pains.  You’ll find patches and even suppositories for those feeling particularly frisky.  One of the most common ways to get your CBD is through vaping or smoking.  This leads us to the topic of the day: CBD pre rolls

What’s a CBD pre roll?

If you are unfamiliar with smoking hemp, you may have run across the term pre-roll and have wondered what it is.  Basically, a pre roll is hemp or cannabis rolled into a smokeable paper with an attached filter.  If you’ve ever seen a joint, it looks very much like that.

Typically, manufacturers fill the papers with hemp flowers or hemp trim.  Hemp flowers are where you will find the majority of cannabinoids like CBD in the plant.  They are concentrated in little oil glands called trichomes.  These little globs are cannabinoid-making factories that provide you with the majority of hemp’s therapeutic benefits. 

All you need to do to use a CBD pre-roll is light it up and smoke it like you would a cigarette or cigar.  In fact, you will often see these hemp pre rolls labeled as hemp cigarettes.   The two terms can be used interchangeably.  The only discernable difference is in their appearance.

What’s the benefit of smoking CBD prerolls?

First of all, smoking or inhaling CBD is one of the quickest ways to get CBD into your body.  By inhaling CBD, it goes into your lungs where it is quickly transferred in your blood stream.  The lungs have tiny little capillaries that have thin walls, which make the movement of CBD into the blood quick and efficient. 

The main benefit of this is an almost instantaneous effect.  You will begin to notice the effects within minutes of use.

The other main benefit of smoking CBD is in its efficiency. 

Before we dive further, let’s take a look at how CBD gets into your system by way of CBD oils. 

When you ingest CBD oil, it must go through your digestive system and into your liver where it gets metabolized.  While in the liver, it gets broken down.  Once the CBD oil is broken down, it finally reaches your bloodstream to move throughout your body.

This is process is known as first pass effect and is one of the limitations of ingesting CBD.  As you see, when the liver breaks down the CBD oil to be absorbed, you are losing some amount of CBD due to this metabolism.  In the end, you are only receiving a fraction of the amount of CBD that was originally taken.

For example, if you take 200 mg of CBD oil, you may only get half of that once its gone through the first pass effect. 

Smoking CBD bypasses this first pass effect altogether so you are not losing precious and expensive CBD through its breakdown.


For people not opposed to smoking or inhaling CBD, especially regular smokers.  CBD pre rolls are an alternative to cigarettes made from tobacco or nicotine that can provide you with the smoking you enjoy plus the additional benefits that CBD has to offer.  If you are looking to try some hemp cigarettes, head over to the hemp86 website and see what you’ve been missing.

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