Things to avoid when hiring party jumpers

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This is often seen that most of the people who don't know much about inflatables make certain mistakes at the time of hiring party jumpers for their birthday party or any other special occasion. If someone has performed the below mistakes then he can ruin the party badly and it will waste all your time and money that you might have devoted to planning this special party. And if you are going to host a surprise party for your kid or any other special person then you can not take any risk and surely at any cost you will want the party to be awesome. We have compiled a list of mistakes that are generally performed by a beginner when taking bounce houses on rent, so learn from the mistakes or others and you can save a lot of your valuable money and time. Check out the common mistakes and try to avoid repeating them in your party. 

  • Picking the most inexpensive inflatable 

Just like with any other industry, there are various ranges of inflatable leases withinside the market. There are a lot of people who often consider that any inexpensive inflatable could work well for the party but that is not so. These people are not aware of bounce houses and can rarely find any difference between several party rental companies. They might not realize what customer offerings are required for a celebration to be held easily along with the shipping. So we are listing a few things you may not have noticed. This will help you to pick out the best party jumper dealer. 

  • Range of the jumping castle 

Does the party bounce house dealer have diverse inflatable bouncers for exclusive events and activities? The stock of an inflatable rental organization represents the uniqueness, professionalism, and multiple services of the agency. This way along with selecting the best party bouncers you will be able to hire experienced event supervisors. Can you believe a rental agency with only some (6-7) inflatables in stock?

  • Storage

Those companies that have a stock of approximately 100 bounce houses will need a large space. Make sure to check the inventory where the rental company is storing their units. It should be clean and dry so that you can be sure that there is no risk of damage in the inflatable. Often after checking the item thoroughly, you might miss a little strain or hole that can cause you problems. This way you can be sure that you are picking the right rental company for your party. Do not hesitate to ask the owner to show you the place where they store inventory.

  • Maintenance

Professional party jumper agencies make sure that every single unit is cleaned perfectly after it has been used in any party or any other event. This will keep children safe from any kind of bacterial or other infection. Also, it is good for you too, a clean and dry jumping castle leaves a good impression on the guests attending your party. From the maintenance point of view, a professional agency always instructs their worker or sometimes the owner himself inspects all their bounce houses on a regular basis and properly checks if there is any piece that requires some type of repair. Proper maintenance is the only thing that can ensure the safety of a jumping castle. Checking this is important as no one wishes to use a dirty or damaged inflatable is his or her party. 

  • Comparison of shopping

This is not a new thing, we all are aware of the fact that to pick the best thing for us we need to do a little work and shop around, the same applies here. If this is the first time you are hiring a party jumper then we recommend you visit or call various agencies and ask them your queries before selecting the one for your occasion. When you've got all the facts at hand, you'll be aware that the particular agency whom you are selecting will not only help you to determine the best bounce house for the party but also let you know about the various things that are required for the party and also what needs to be done from your side to make it error-free. 

  • The misconception of the bigger is better 

You might have heard this from many people that the bigger the size and shape of a jumping castle the more fun it can provide to your kids but that is not always the case. For example, if you have selected an inflatable which is big in size or which provides a climbing wall to your toddler and kids of similar age group then it will result as a punishment from the kids’ point of view. They will never wish to climb a tall wall which is difficult to climb, there is no fun for them. Therefore before you purchase a jumping castle make sure to do your homework. Ask yourself, what type of kids will use this? How many kids are attending the party? And most importantly, consider the particular age group, this can save your money. You can directly ask the dealer to show you some bounce houses for a particular age group. If you are hosting a party where kids age 1 to 4 will attend the party and you hire a big obstacle course then it is of no use and wastes your money only. Along with the age group, make sure to take the measurements of the space where you are planning to set up the bouncy house. 

  • Ignoring the reviews or feedback about the rental company 

If you are not able or facing difficulty in searching for the best rental company then the best way to find one is by checking reviews or feedback. Beginners who are renting the bounce house for the first often ignore using reviews and select an average company that is offering low-quality products and this ruins the party. You can check websites for reviews or take the help of Google. Also, you can ask the agency who has recently taken service, and then the particular customer will solve all your query. This way you can hire the best party jumpers.

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