Feeding Starved African Children amidst Lockdown – Shocks of Coronavirus for the Disabled and Underprivileged Children

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Coronavirus has pushed the entire world population to the four walls of their houses. COVID-19 originated in Wuhan China, where the origins were linked with consumption of mass of bats, snakes or elephants. This is not a scientifically verified theory; however, the origins are traced to Wuhan where a large number of people were infected with Pneumonia.

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COVID-19, in a matter of two months, started spreading to the world. It reached every continent, including Africa. COVID-19, when the pandemic comes to an end in the near future hopefully, will have caused drastic and dramatic effects on the poorer, war-ridden and underdeveloped regions of the world, like Africa.

AfrikRising is a non-profit organization, which has promised to look after the starving children of the Africa. Presently, there are 62 kids under the supervision of the organization at Oluyole Cheshire Home, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, Africa. Some of these kids receive education, while others are equipped with skills such as hair dressing, tailoring, computers, and arts and crafts.

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AfrikRising non-profit organization visited the place on 2nd April, 2020, and the project of feeding the starved children of Africa commenced. Organization provided the kids with necessary food items such as yams, beans, eggs, and cleaning supplies such as insecticides, bathing soap and palm oil.

Disabled and underprivileged kids are still in need of workshop materials, food items and cleaning supplies to lead a decent life at the very least.

Christine Reidhead, who is a founder and CEO, stated the following:

Grateful for this opportunity to help. The Oluyole Cheshire Home is in great need as they are accommodating 62 kids with disabilities. As it helps lift their burdens during this coronavirus pandemic.

It is a well-known fact that the Africa is the poorest continent, where average Africans daily budget is $1.25. In these circumstance, not many Africans can share their food with those starving around them. That’s why, organizations work to provide to the needy in Africa very actively and proficiently.

Afrikrising is also raising funds to donate necessary items for a school in Ghana, Africa.

We all must never forget that the “Sharing is Caring”. Our nursery teachers instilled this in our innocent minds, and we need to demonstrate the idea into our actions by donating the necessary food items, workshop materials and cleaning supplies to the needy kids of Oluyole Cheshire Home and many other needy homes.  



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