Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog Boarding Center

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More and more people realise the benefits that a dog daycare brings to their beloved pet nowadays.


So much so that there has been a surge of dog daycare centers popping up in the market lately with all claiming to provide the best 2nd home to your doggy friend.


To make sure that you choose the best dog boarding suitable for your dog, it’s best that you take some time off to pay the dog boarding you have in mind a visit.


See with your own eyes how the facility is and assess how the people there are because they will be your dog’s primary carer for most of the days.


Amongst everything, there are 5 very important aspects that we think you should look at when it comes to deciding a dog boarding center for your pet:


  1. Sleeping Areas


How does your dog’s ‘room’ look like – is perhaps the very first thing that you should be checking out. This is where he will be resting and sleeping so make sure it is hygienic and has sufficient air circulation.


Also, find out what kennel sizes are available and if you’re happy to let your pet share, ask how many dogs they will be putting in one kennel.


Worthy to also confirm if they assess their boarding dogs (most centres will evaluate a dog’s size, behaviour and temperament upon checking in) so that you know your pup will always be safe and be well taken care of.


  1. Feeding Areas


Most dog boardings have specific feeding areas. This is where the boarding dogs come to feed so it is important to find out how many dogs are allowed in at a time during each feeding session.


This is because dogs can get a little too excited and get out of control when they are being fed. This in turn can cause undue pressure to them as they try to grab each other’s meal so you don’t want one where too many dogs are fed at the same time.


Just a pointer, if you were told that the feeding area will only accommodate at most 10 animals at one feeding session, then you have nothing to worry about.  


  1. Food Choices


And while we are at the topic of feeding, it is worthy to check with the dog boarding center the menu they have for their boarding dogs. See if they are compatible with your dog’s diet, especially if there is a specific diet plan your dog needs to follow.


Check also if you can make special arrangements with them, such as bringing your own dog meal and asking them to feed at a specific time according to your dog’s routine.


Otherwise, there are some centers that offer optimum dog nutrition dietary programs whereby customized meals are tailored to meet your dog’s needs and protein demand. Of course, this may incur an additional cost.


  1. Facilities and Services


Speaking of which, you may want to find out if your dog boarding offers any extra facilities or services. For example, not every dog boarding provides grooming services and only a handful has in-house vets.


Nevertheless, most will have services like exercise, fun activities or walks free of charge. For those, find out how often and how long the duration is to see if it suits your pup.


  1. Pricing


Last but not least, what is the pricing be like? It has to be one that fits within your budget because sending your dog to dog boarding shouldn’t pose a financial burden to you.


We will say most rates depend on aspects like the place and services you demand – proper grooming services and professional training sessions may add potential costs but there are also some that provides packaged offers as well so do check out what options you have.


Also, keep in mind that popular boarding centres may charge higher costs compared to other less-known organizations.


Summing up, it’s important to first find out what the dog boarding you have in mind offers. You can easily do so by checking their website or by word of mouth. Next, confirm in person that all the amenities match the descriptions they said to be offering because this will be the place your beloved pet will be staying while you’re away.


Chose right, your four-legged friend will flourish in its 2nd home and

you’ll always come home to a calm, relaxed and well rested pup each day.


Mr Woofles offers a nurturing environment and expert care with a strong focus on your dog’s individual happiness and overall wellbeing. Our daycare and boarding programs are focused on providing enrichment and enjoyment for your dogs in a healthy, safe and fun environment.


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