River Fishing Techniques for Fly Fishing and Regular Fishing

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The difference between fly fishing and regular fishing is very in depth. Both forms of fishing as very effective and utilized widely across the country, depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your fishing abilities regular fishing can be easier for a beginner while fly fishing is more for an advanced fisherman.

Fly fishing in particular is mostly used when fishing in a river so you need to be familiar with river fishing techniquesLinks to an external site..

Fly fishing differs from regular fishing in terms of the equipment used and the casting of such equipment. Regular fishing is not as complicated as in the case of fly fishing. The former involves a hook and a lure, often along with a bobber.


Fishing Rods

Regular fishing uses fishing rods that contain a release button called a spin rod; which means in order for this rod to work effectively it moves in a spinning motion as you reel the line back in. While using these rods you have the ability to use all different types of bait such as worms, a lure, spin bait, etc. All of these can be used in different areas to catch different types of fish.

In fly fishing, fly rods are used, and a light weight is used to cast a line. In fly fishing, the weight of line carriers the hook and the line cast below the water.Instead of having a release button the fisherman is the one that does the flipping motion while holding the other end of the rod, creating the same type of reeling affect an original fishing rod would.


Fishing Line

The fishing line on a fly fishing rod is much heavier so that it can basically cast itself in a way. When fly fishing you usually use artificial “fly” bait, which mimic a fly.

Regular fishing lines use braids, fluorocarbon and similar lures. The fly reels in flying fishing mainly use backing, attached to the fly line. There are many different types that you can buy for the type of fish you are trying to catch or the area you are fishing in such as saltwater flies, streamers and woolly buggers, etc.


Hooks and Lures

The key  difference between spin or bait fishing and fly fishing as it can be called is that in fly fishing the line weight carries the hook through the air, while in regular fishing the sinker or weight of the lure at the end of the line provides casting distance.

Fly fishing is when you are trying to imitate some sort of food the fish eats and entice that fish to take your fly over the other food in the water around them. Fly fishing is an fishingtechnique in which an artificial "fly" is used for catching fish. The fly is cast using a fly fishing rod, reel, and weighted line.

Casting analmost weightless flyLinks to an external site. requires casting methodspointedly different from other forms of fishing. Fly anglers use hand made flies, that look like natural invertebrates, baitfish, other food found in river, or lures to provoke the fish to bite.

In regular fishing, there is a lure at the end of the braided line, which also gives more casting distance.


Skills and Temperament

It is easier to practice regular fishing than fly fishing as the latter requires more practice and skills to get good with the fly rod. However, it takes a little experience to practice regular fishing as the casting is much easier and faster.

Fly fishing requires very delicate skill.The fisherman has to have the ability to know when the right time to pull back on the line before releasing more of it on the next cast out.

For example, in a moving river the fisherman would initial cast out part of the line out against the current and wait as the line floats towards them.Then once it is close enough fling the line back and cast again releasing a little more line and so on and so forth until you reach your goal.



Spin fishing is a fishing technique where a spinning bait or a lure is used to entice the fish to strike. Spin fishing is used in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Spin fishing is notably differentthan fly fishing and bait casting by the type of rod, reel and other equipment used.

There are also advanced differences between the materials between the lines used in these two methods of fishing. The typical rod casts the lure while the line is along for the ride. However, in fly fishing, the rod is used in casting the lure, but the lure is along for the ride.

Consequently, the fly rods and lines are longer and at varying sizes. However, the braided lines in regular fishing are not very long even though despite their variation. The fly line is also much heavier than that of typical fishing. Additionally, the lines are cast differently in the two types of fishing.

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